Iraqi 3 year old needs help plea

Mr Happy


A friend of mine - a US Medic Lt working in Balad, Iraq - has a young kid of about 3 years old that he's trying to get out of the country. I've been following the story for a few months and can't think of anything to help but maybe you can?

I've copied and pasted a letter he's sent to his Church group for help as it sets the story fairly well, If you've any suggestions please post them here and any practical help you can PM me, Hopefully Lt K will manage to view this site and your comments.

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> Hi Y'all,
> This is a request for prayer, and is being sent to our church family on my
> email list... As you may know, we have a child here at the Combat Support
> Hospital who has apparently been left here by his family. Although we are
> not completely sure why they have not returned, we believe they have
> probably abandoned him. His name is Sajad, and he is about three years old.

> Sajad's home is about one mile outside the wire of where I am
> in Balad, Iraq. He came to us the first time in July of this year after
> being seen by a field medic from a local infantry unit. His leg had been
> badly burned two years ago when an oil lamp spilled on him. The result was a
> contracted scar on the back of his leg from his bottom to his heel that made
> it impossible for him to extend his leg. Our surgeons performed several
> operations on the leg over the last four months, and he is now doing quite
> well here at the hospital.
> The real tragedy here is that Sajad has a very difficult home life. It is
> believed his father is in prison, and his mother may be as well. He is
> usually accompanied to the CSH by a male relative -- usually a brother or
> uncle. Three weeks ago, his uncle offered to sell Sajad to a nurse for five
> hundred American dollars. This sounds like child abuse by our American
> standards, but you have to look at it culturally. From the family's point of
> view, they would be helping Sajad live a better life, while eliminating a
> burden from the family. As a bonus, the money (which is probably six months
> wage for them) could be used by the family to buy basic necessities. To them
> it is a win-win situation.
> Obviously, the offer to sell the child was not taken by anyone. It is
> obviously illegal to buy a child in our military law, and it is nearly
> impossible to remove an Iraqi child from the country. Iraqi law specifically
> prohibits adoption of Iraqi Nationals by foreigners. This is further
> complicated by the fact that we are all active duty soldiers deployed in a
> combat zone. A few days after making the offer, the male relative left the
> CSH, saying he would be back the next day. He has not returned in over two
> weeks, and we fear Sajad has been abandoned.
> In the past two weeks, I have been making a lot of calls and sending a lot
> of emails. It is my goal to somehow be able to help this child get to the
> United States. Mrs K and I have discussed this, and we feel like God has
> burdened us with this task. We are willing to open our home to him and make
> him a part of our family, if that is God's will. I don't know exactly what
> to do or where to begin, but I am sure we are supposed to do something. Here
> is where I ask your help...
> Pray for guidance for Mrs K and me in what we should or should not do.
> Pray that we will know God's will.
> Pray that if it is His will, that doors will be opened and that this child
> would be helped.
> So far, I have contacted my chain of command, as well as several other
> civilian agencies for assistance. My chain of command knows this boy's story
> and would like to help, but their ability is limited. It seems like this may
> be an impossible task, and some have offered advice to expect failure.
> Still, I will press on until I know the child is somehow taken care of --
> whether it be here or in the states, and whether it be with us or someone
> else.
> One surprise came from a return email today. I had emailed Stars and Stripes
> Newspaper because they had carried an article on an orphaned 16 year old
> Iraqi boy who was taken to the states for protection after acting as an
> informant. The managing editor replied and said he would work his network of
> friends at his church in Washington, DC.
> Mrs K and I have agreed that if it is God's will, this will all fall into
> place. I have tried to keep my personal feelings for Sajad out of the
> equation, but it is difficult. That's where your prayer for us to know His
> will comes in. I need to be able to separate my personal feelings from the
> issue, as it may not be in His plan to have my goal achieved.
> I will close this email by saying that I appreciate your continued prayer in
> this matter. I will keep you informed on this issue as things develop, and
> hopefully we will see God's hand in Sajad's life. As I told Mrs K earlier
> this week... " It's going to be bittersweet leaving in a month or so,
> knowing I leave him here to come home to you and the kids."
> Yours in Christ,
> BK
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Mr H