Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Jimmy, Feb 20, 2003.

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  1. Ain't it good being a bleep. I see from the press orbat that no signallers are deploying to the Gulf or maybe we are going covert like 22.
  2. Lack of Sigs is probably a result of 16 AA Bde not wanting to repeat mistakes made during WW2, so that they can conduct Op Market Garden 2 without worrying whether the radios work or not. Makes Op planning easier, they just jump/land to seize all the bridges and wait for the tanks to turn up. A sound idea providing Crab Air gets them on tgt in the first place.
  3. Now now. The radios would have worked during Op Market Garden if the units had taken up positions as the plan intended. For radio comms to fail at that time because units did not do as instructed (for whatever reason) was quite common.
  4. haha nice one jedi, i agree with you   ;D
  5. There wasn't any signallers in the Falklands either, if you read all the  memorials, plaques, books etc, so I wouldn't worry too much, if your going you will have a gong at the end of it.
    But there again if you believe squaddies there was about 40,000 went to the Falklands and 200,000 went for GW1.
  6. Interesting to look at the cap badges on the headstones in the military cemetry at the Bridge over the River Kwai. Probably a case of which headquarters staff were left behind following the fall of Singapore.
  7. As a honourary scaley i just want to point out that during Op Market Garden the radios where at fault, not the signallers which is something i've grown used to in my time of having flakey skin on my back.
    Apparently, because of the delays to market garden, all the radio batteries that had been pre-packed ran out of juice and therefore were as much use as a chocolate fire guard.

    Not like the hi-tech clansman kit eh? ???

    And anyway, if the germans were decent and had put their ss panzer brigade somewhere easier to see then maybe the **** wouldn't have hit the fan.

    Yours blaggingly

  8. looks like someone at Auntie Beeb has read this!
    breakfast  tv this morning they were interviewing the sigs
    tell they were sigs
    dz flashes
    unit flashes
    name tags
    all clearly on display
    what happened to Op Sec??
  9. Well i don't know what tv channel you've been watching, but there are alot of signals out there. As for making a difference well thats something else.

    Have you noticed when the americans say they've taken a place, 3 days later they actually have. As for the britsh army when they say they have we mean it.

    I'd like to say well done lads who are fighting for our country and we all no-doubt wish we were there help in some way.

    Keep it up lads/lasse's and show the iraqis and yanks how to be a proffesional and the best solider in the world.

    why are the polish, hungarian and all the other nations joining in now? shouldn't they of started when we did? as for the french and german, no shock there then now wonder you've never won a war.
    Take a lesson on the most elite army in the world!!!
  10. Haven't seen much mention of the Australians yet either???
  11. According to Aussie TV they are the only ones out there who are doing any work.

    Well .......may be I do exaggerate a little- but they started it !!  
  12. Why are these countries now going to iraq after the war has finnished. f**king spineless euro c**ts if there armies were hard enough surely they would have gone in first then the yank would have more stuff to blow up.
    And the f**king french well they have nukes dont they. So why arent we bombing the s**t out of them and do the box heads again.
  13. Lets not forget that it was the Chedder Regt that were the first into Bos!!!!, what a load of BULL, 211 had been on the ground for over 4 weeks before the first Chedder turned up.

    Bet we go.
  14. Yeah the french do have nukes, but they couldnt deploy them cos they have sold them all to the bloody Iraqis to try and smoke us! Bring back the Germans.
  15. Digimon Said


    Not quite true Digimon

    30 Sigs were in Croatia based in Zagreb from Apr 92. 11 Armd Bde went out in Oct 92 first based in Split but the Cheshire Adv party was already there and setting up Vitez School. I agree most of 211 was there before main body of 1 Cheshire but very little of it actually in Bosnia most based in and around Split (Croatia).

    It is true we are unsung but we can't make up stories to make us sound better.