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This just released from Reuters:

The head of an Iraqi parliamentary committee has recommended that the assembly reject a tough new U.N. resolution demanding that Iraq disarm.

"The committee recommends the following: the rejection of the Security Council resolution 1441 and not to approve it in accordance with the opinion of our people who put confidence in thier representatives," Salim al-Kubaisi, head of the Arab and international relations committee told parliament.

He also recommended the parliament refer the final decision to the Revolutionary Command Council, which is led by President Saddam Hussein, "to take the appropriate decision to defend the people of Iraq, thier independence and dignity."

Pack your bags, we're off ;)
The recommendation came from the head of the Iraqi parliament's foreign relations committee?? :D Sheer genius! ::)




From Reuters: 1000hrs 12 Nov 2002.

Iraqi parliament has voted unanimously to reject the UN Resolution. The final decision will be taken by Saddam.

NAPS Tablet anyone???
No thanks,
It turns me No.2's a funny colour   :-[
I for one am glad that Iraq has told us to f*ck off! let's bomb the bastards and after that we'll take out....... the firemen.... and then onto those dodgy kebab shops in the West Midlands and then Belfast, certain parts of Glasgow, Liverpool, all of Hartlepool, Bognor f*ckin' Regis, FRANCE! and those Belgians have been looking at us kinda funny recently so they'll get some! Zimbabwe, Merthyr Tydfyl (wherever the f*ck that is) Lossiemouth, Whitby, Barrow in Furness, The Isle of Man...........I'll get back to you, there's f*cking loads of 'em out there that needs sorting out! Bastards!
Im with you Ma_ got a BSA Airsporter & a rolled up Express, that'll sort the french anyway
Get back off the desesrt express, looks like the Iraqis have accepted it.
Now that we'll be at a loose end during Christmas leave, where is the first rv Ma_?
Nice one, we'll start in the east and do the route a la May 1940.  If we get cracking now, and it takes six weeks again as I'd expect, we'll all be back for Christmas!

Not sure about track miles though.....maybe we'll low-loader it!


War Hero

Whilst I fully support, nay encourage, your training exploits, just make sure you are back in good time for when you are needed for the Revolution.  It will be all hands on then, afterwhich we can embark upon the full crusade.

There IS a plan, remember!


If you are having to ask 'What Plan?', and wish to join in, then ask the right question.  If you are having to ask and DO NOT wish to be on the winning side, then stand by for Camp No 3...

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