Iraq? Wheres that?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ex_ex, May 3, 2006.

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  1. From the Guardian today

    It's not that bad though. Half of them don't even know where New York is! :lol:

    The stats are from a literacy study in the National Geographic - the report is


    N.B. This is a PDF file.
  2. Im surprised that 4 out of 10 americans could find Iraq.

    Ever since my first trip there as a kid I gave up saying where I was really from (N.I.) as that would quickly devolve (pun unintentional :wink: ) into me screaming that my home was the only place outside of america shown on their "World News" shows and that they sent enough money to the terrorists there to know it!

    And if you think my troubles were bad, you should have my mate trying to explain where or what Wales was!

    As ole Britney Spears said "The best thing about being famous is getting to go OVERSEAS to places like Canada!" which sums up americans general geographical knowledge. Bit different to us having to learn the capital cities of every country when we were kids!
  3. Un fcuking believable but believable.

    I wonder what the UK equivalent would look like.
  4. Dunno though. Go into the middle of Leicester and ask them where Essex Girls come from.
  5. Remember, this is from the grauniad, a paper with an ill-disguised anti-american slant.

    I'm sure if you went to middle of the bayou and asked the first 10 swamp-monsters (sorry, appalachian American), that a decent number of them couldn't tell you where Washington DC was, never mind Eye-rack!

    Same could be said about this country. Go into any inner-city estate and ask the local yoofs to show you where Iraq or Iran are, and i'm sure you would get a similar result.

  6. If they did a survey in the u.k. I wounder how many young british people would be able to locate Iraq on a map of the world .
  7. I suppose questions like this would be too obvious.

    Where did the Guildford Four come from?
  8. Could be another subtle reminder that most american kids....well the one's that I have had the dubious pleasure of meeting would not be able to find their arrse with both hands. But they would know where to get a coke................or blow............cocaine........

    I'm not bitter.....just un-PC

  9. In fairness, it was broadcast on CNN last night too.
  10. We had some laughs on the Army in the Contemporary World part on my EPC. The first half hour was a heated discussion on how to spell 'contemporary' but then found out that according to some, Argentina had a claim on Belize, Canada was just off the South American coast and very few found Brunei and the ones that did, called it Hong Kong.

    Northern Ireland was correctly identified by most, especially the southern section where Dublin was and Germany was the place to be as they operated cross channel ferries from their ports. France had conveniently shifted eastwards and Iceland now had a major and minor island probably much to Greenland's annoyance.
  11. If anyone else is having problems locating iraq have a look on google world...

    ...I can zoom in close enough to see cars on the streets of basra wheras home in the uk you cant even make out field boundries! I found it bizarrely fun flying over the world at great speed between random places...
  12. My 14 year old who is an A Star student at school asked me if Pakistan was in Europe. Her grammer is appaling, and has to be constantly corrected when speaking. What the fekk are they teaching them at school???
  13. I believe that kids nowadays are taught that speaking english correctly is a sign of supporting the British Empire which as we know brought nothing but slavery and death to all those lovely "people of differing ethnic backgrounds" (I think thats legal these days) around the world. Of course, if this is true, it happened hundreds of years ago, so all of us alive now should feel great remorse and personally do everything we can to repay all those "people of differing ethnic backgrounds" alive today for the suffering they did not undergo hundreds of years ago (as they were not alive) that we didnt perpetrate (as we werent around). It would also be extremely uncouth to point out the benefits the British nation brought to the world also!

    Plus, is it just me who wants to scream at and slap anyone who advocates the teaching of the 3 Rs in school.

    Sorry but to me, a good education is knowing that Writing and Arithmetic do NOT begin with R.

    Not an auspicious start to a childs education.

    Both 2 equally bad sides of a dismal coin I guess.

  14. Writing, Arithmetic and Reading - we should be teaching our children all about WAR!
  15. We Spams are notoriously bad at geography, as it's been rightly pointed out. Very few of us could find Detroit on a map -- never mind the Middle East. Our schools don't have a big focus on international events.

    What's truly deplorable is that, depending on where you are, up to five of those ten people surveyed is of the firm opinion that it was right for us to "bomb the sh!t outta" Iraq because of 9/11 and because Bush said "they're against freedom." Who cares if we can find it on a map? Who cares about Afghanistan?

    World events analysis, not necessarily Mr. and Mrs. America's strong suit either.