Iraq - what is it like?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by braveheart, Mar 15, 2006.

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  1. Firstly I am not a journo, and I never will be so please don't shoot me down in flames (if you dont want to answer the question then fine, but dont slate me for asking)

    All i hear about what Iraq is like comes from the BBC or whoever else reports it and im genuinely curious as to what it's like - and the stories of those who have been there.

    Are the locals (for the most part) friendly? Are they happy you are there? Are roadside bombs and other IED's as common as they're made out to be?... you get the idea

    Again, I am neither a solider or a journo... just curious.

  2. sorry mate.

  3. lol i know, preparing myself for some shelling...
  4. It's like a box of chocolates... you never know what you're gonna get :)

    Oh, and think between a rock and a hard place

    P.S I've never been and hopefully never will go, so you were never gonna get a serious answer out of me
  6. Bit like Skegness really but, without the candy floss and shite kiss me quick hats !
  7. Got lots of donkeys though! :lol:
  8. Basra is like Venice.
  9. Hotter than a snakes belly in a wagon rut.
  10. Donkeys, yes.......and people with cloths wrapped around their heads.......they must be the ones who ate all the candy floss ?
  11. "It's great, we doing a worthwhile job providing security and training for the local civilians so that a previously oppressed people can throw off the shackles of their evil ex dictator and start to build themselves a free, safe and democratic future that will be a model for justice, freedom and peace that the whole Middle East can take heart from and strive to bring understanding and progress to a beautiful part of the world."

    Tony, get off my fukcing laptop or I'll let Cherie out of her cage!

    To tell the truth; It's a fooking huge American oil-rig covered in sand.

    And it smells!!!

    CC_TA However, I did return with a cracking tan! 8)

    If you really wanna know, join up; TA or Regs, you'll be out there in no time at all for a 6 month* Government sponsored holiday.

    * Her Majesty's Government cannot guarantee 6 months, you may be extended beyond this time to fit in with incompetent MOD plans or you may be returned home sooner due to injury, illness or death. (You may also be arrested and charged as you won't always have the full backing of spineless, interfering, politically correct, tree hugging, media obsessed MPs.)
  12. but with less water ?

  13. I think he means that background smell of shite and p1ss
  14. Never thought of it as a "background" smell. :)
  15. Most of what I saw was a bit like Weston-Super-Mare: a lot of sand but a long way to the sea.