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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by nicksp, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. Hi, another posting by the media I'm afraid...

    Channel 4 News is marking the fifth anniversary of the invasion of iraq with a series of features. I'm planning the one about the impact it has had on the British army. Are there any former quarter masters / RSMs out there who I can talk to about kit shortages...? You can reach me on the email below.


    Nick Scott Plummer
    Prioducer - Channel 4 News
  2. Go to Arrse Admin and clear this post will you please?
  3. Why is it that the media is only interested in the negative?

    What would be more interesting is how the army has changed and managed that change and how the inbuilt aptitude for solving problems with what you have.
  4. I am interested in the positive actually. have just had a long chat with a platoon commander who served two tours in Iraq who said one of the most useful things the Iraq war has brought is the Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) system which means kit can be bought relatively fast off the shelf rather than the long winded tendering system which was in place pre Iraq.


  5. Tell a few nice stories about how the lads got on with it even though they had no kit. Don't make us out to be a gang of crying cnuts who can't go to war without £30,000 worth of kit in our daysacks!!!
  6. Appreciate your honesty but I suspect you will not get to many takers - it’s in the past let it go. What counts is we have learnt from it.

    It was all down to planning and exceptional circumstances. If you plan to project a Brigade a distance with 3 months notice to move and send a Division (and that is a lot bigger) twice as far in less than 30 days there will be inevitable shortages. You cannot have stock of such proportions on the shelves forever just waiting (not now we are run by bean counters anyway). In such a case what you have, you give priority where it is due and that’s what happened - you will not always get it right and there were winners and losers a sad fact of life. The government make the decision, the military make it happen as best they can simple as that and the way it has always been.

    What matters is that things have improved as your chat has highlighted and the kit today is the right kit for the right job.

    Like I said a non story really especially for any anniversary.

  7. Utter balls! :x

    The UOR system was in place long before the invasion of Iraq.
  8. All ANOTHER documentary on kit shortages is going to do is rekindle (briefly) an old flame. What about a documentary on the issues that are relevant TODAY, such as the fact we need more helicopters (to pick but one example)?

    Show the public that the guys are out there doing a good job and not sitting in Basra airport whining about anything and everything to make it look like they're looking for pity. If you want an example on how to do good television/journalism, have a chat with Ross Kemp or Michael Yon.
  9. talk to your MP and try to get us a massive pay rise then we will talk.
  10. Even better. Take a look at the spending on NR (100 Billion?)

    Spent propping up and then nationalising a failed Business Model. 10% of that would fund a huge increase in defence spending, allowing us to purchase helicopters, start a carrier - innumerable items that would save the lives of British Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen.

    Why not? Because there are no votes in Defence. Our lives are expendable and we are not even deserving of a full time Defence Secretary. As the Duke of Wellington once remarked "For the want of a nail".

    Apparently the constant revision of equipment scales is not a new problem - Again the Duke of Wellington:

    Sums it up. Have we learnt nothing in the intervening century? (Nearly centuries!)
  11. Now then, then now , now then Gentleman - the poor guy has a job to do and asked us for help, the Governments shortfalls are not his fault.

    But yes his is in the media and yes they are the same media that love us one minute but allow us to make no mistakes on a boring news day (and I know its because we are an easy target as we have no voice with which to speak on the world stage - though god bless Gen Dannett).

    However Nicksp as you can see from those who serve there are far more higher priority issues at stake today - which if you or those at Channel 4 really cared and wanted our help us would take note. Focus on the here and now and what is important to us those who serve and put their lives on the line for this great country of ours :) This is not a game what we go through is the real thing and people die. As has been eluded to there are some in the media leading by example you can either join their ranks or not that choice is yours.

    I let your conscience be your guide

  12. Better still, instead of looking at defence procurement from a squaddies point of view, why not go and look at the frivolous waste that occurs daily within the MOD, but more widely within the Government itself.

    Millions of pounds are wasted daily on stupid projects, reports, middle managers, PR gurus, BAE, any number of "expenses", the list is endless. Use your journolism skills to report where the Tax Payers money is really spent (NR, BAE etc), not on what might have been. Actually show the public, what a waste of time and space politicians actually are, but more importantly, show the politicians that we know, that they know, that we know, they are are waste of space and then maybe the money rapped from our pockets on a daily basis will start to be spent correctly. maybe then we can start to push for full financial disclosure on all government spending, so we can see were our money is spent. That would be proper journolism. But then we know such programs would never air as the screws would be tightened on the Editors, the Producers and the TV Channel owners.......
  13. Just wanted to endorse TheBigUns comment about UORs having been around for at least 15 years that I know of.

    It may be useful for you to look at the real impact and reason for UORs. Whilst they are a god-send for troops at the sharp end they are a clear recognition of the failure to provide kit in peacetime. The fact that UORs are being used for things like night vision goggles, minimis, grenade launchers and MLRS rockets is a damning indictment of the starving of the budget. These are pieces of kit that have been commercially available for years but this government shamelessly failed to fund them right up until soldiers started dying. That is the real story.

    In addition you need to look at the long term consequences of UORs. Thay are not funded for training, replacement and support - so once the bullets stop flying they will be taken out of service only to be replaced the next time soldiers are put in danger. It is cynical, political short-termism of the worst type. And the Part-time SoS then has the gall to claim it as a success.

    Some of the staff, both military and civilian, work near miracles to get this kit into service, however that effort should not mask the fact that they are applying sticky-plasters to a badly gaping wound.
  14. Herrumph,
    Bloody well said that man, I totally agree with all of your above comments. :D