'Iraq weapons training deficient' - Judge Advocate

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ViroBono, Nov 3, 2004.

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  1. This from the BBC


    Another reason for TCH to resign now.
  2. If this TA soldier was found to be lacking in his weapons training, how can they fine him and discharge him, when the fault lies with the hierarchy that sent him to Iraq in the first place?

    Also as he hadn't passed his weapons test, what the hell was he doing fecking about with a rifle?

    This does highlight the slack attitude of the powers that be at present to us on the ground. As long as we are there in numbers, they couldn't care less :evil:

    The sooner that spineless git resigns, the better for us all in the Military
  3. Back in the 70s/80 the regular army took out more of it's own in neg dishcharges/explosions then the opposition took out.
    only a couple of years where exceptions.
  4. The Times report of the trial outcome:


    A BoI to establish how lapses in training were allowed to happen is one thing, but what will be done about those responsible for the subsequent lies and cover-ups? If the blame does not lie with L/Cpl Blaymire alone, will the Army (or his CO) pay his fine?
  5. Isn't the lesson that (apart from a few specialists) you can't take a TA soldier who has trained on a handful of MTDs and expect him or her to go straight to a war zone without some beat-up training first?

    It may be a bit inconvenient to the politicians but shouldn't the military top brass have simply said that the TA cannot be deployed without (say) at least three weeks predeployment training?
  6. Agreed!

    WTF was this clown doing with a stripe, anyway???
  7. Totally agree. I am guessing from your words that you perhaps do not realise that ITD training/testing followed by OPTAG training has for years been a normal part of the mobilisation process. The question which has been raised over the TELIC mobilisations is whether the button was pressed too late, for political reasons, to allow for everyone to get the training they deserved: the point you made. Regular Army units usually have time for pre-deployment training.
  8. I think that the TA soldier in question was extremely lucky to get away with the fine. No-one should point a weapon at anybody unless they intend to pull the trigger. The individual in question admitted to "larking around", this is just unacceptable and utterly unproffessional. The fact that he had not passed his WHT is wrong but had he passed his APWT, a pre-requisit to deployment. If he was unsure about handling a weapon he should have asked for more training ( and the system should have highlighted his problems and given him more training).

    I can't agree more about the TA should have descent beat up training. Most, from experience of TELIC and my present unit, needs at least 5 weeks to be up to standard.

    Rant over.
  9. Because he should have reported his lack of competence and refused to handle weapons until it was corrected. In theory. According to the book. Which everyone follows to the letter. :roll:

    Of course, he then would have been charged with refusing an order, but better that than killing yer mate. 8O

    As for enquiries, what about one into how the government could block training for operations which they KNEW were going to happen, simply to give the impression that no decision had been made?
  10. 307

    307 War Hero

    My god, no matter even if this guy was fresh out of training, he should have known to do NSPs when recieving the rifle from a friend. I have had 1 lesson on the rifle so far the first thing taught, NSPs & it was drilled into us, the importance. I can remember the NSPs after that first 1 hour long lesson! What was he doing with his finger on the trigger in the first place? And if he was firing off the action after the weapon ahd been cocked, why was it in an unsafe direction? See my point, 1 lesson, this guy's a lance jack, he's had at least about 3 years around weapons! No excuse I'm afraid here, he was just salck in safe weapon handling. I honest to god swear I've only ever handled weapon onve to.