Iraq war was badly planned, says Army

No sh1t Sherlock... :roll:

In other shocking news: rain is wet, politicians and lawyers lie, size matters... :roll:
Its taken someone this long to work all that out?

Thats a long flash to bang time.
Lordy I was wondering about that all these years now I finally know what the nagging doubt was!!
Who writes these so-called "reports"? Some suited fcuk-bag, who has never served and spends his lunch hours locked in his air-conditioned office in London, cracking off to kiddie porn.

Not sure the planning was wrong ... How about the whole reason we went there in the first place?!
There was a plan? Was there hell as like. The entire post-war planning for TELIC was of the back of fag packet, built in a shed variety. The expectation that the international aid community was going to take over Southern Iraq once 1 Div had done its job, was about as optomistic as buying lottery tickets, because you want to be a millionaire before Christmas.

Clare Short's departure from DfID, and the ensuing lack of leadership, direction and concentration of effort from DfID / HMG in that critical period was criminal. Hearing the handful of DfID staff in Southern Iraq trying to explain to London that they needed more support was pitiful.

To now read that the Staff in 1 Div are now fair game, is incredible. Yes, there were some chods - aren't there always. Strangely effective in the war-fighting stage though. What I witnessed, was every single branch being more than capable of operating, but against the most muddied mission every embarked upon. Add in the lack of basic (read essential kit and information) to carry out an effective Phase 4 Op, and it is no wonder that the conclusions are reached. I assume that it took four years to allow enough time to let the matter die quietly.
spike7451 said:
I wonder if our illustrious ex-leader will be named?
Glad you mentioned it Spike. Tony Blair was particularly spineless in every communication I saw. His Major'esque visit to Basrah to see with his own eyes the democracy that his armed forces had delivered in Iraq, was particularly moving. I volunteered to take him out to Shia Flats, Basrah University and a couple of other landmarks, but strangely got turned down. Looking forward to the full report being publically available. I can think of about thirty people that may want to read it in great depth.

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