Iraq War: the public were misled by “devices and tactics”

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, May 21, 2010.

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  2. Anyone would think there's a party leadership race on.
  3. Liars, dullards and thieves whose integrity is available if political currency can be gained.
  4. FFS, you only needed to listen to Hans Blix and Scott Ritter (2 men whose integrity has never been successfully challenged), and compare their view of the world with the thin stuff being peddled by B'liar on behalf of The Shrub, to have reasonable doubt.

    You only had to read and consider the statements made by both those men after their cosy tete-a-tete - was it in the preceding Feb - to deduce they had already made up their minds.

    Wise after the event? Gutless and ambitious at the time?

    Where was integrity when it was needed?
  5. This is just "official" conformation of what the majority of the British public already knew!
    This fiasco has done more harm than good in more ways than you can care to imagine.
    Finally, if Balls confession "that the Government of the day deliberately coned the nation into going to war", could this admission now warrant legal action??
  6. Presumably 'devices and tactics' is the alternative spelling for 'bunch of c***s'? Would seem to be interchangeable in this instance.
  7. Wow and it only took 7+ year's for their conscience to surface....
  8. LOL.....................
  9. My my so now it was the UK public who declared war after being Deceived.
    Yes all you blood thirsty citizens screaming out for blood while Poor old Tone could only accede to your demand.

  10. Deny, lie and deflect. Standard operating procedure of scum.
  11. Would be more convincing if Balls had grown a pair at the time and resigned like Robin Cook.

    In any case Balls still seems to think of the Iraq war primarily as a legal error forever conceived in sin because it lacked the necessary Security Council paper work rather than a serious strategic pratfall with a considerable butchers bill. Idiots who still promote such views should not be trusted to lead a boy scout troop let alone a political party.
  12. Neither Balls or Miliband were MPs at the time, yet have since served as Ministers.

    That says it all about the last administration, in fact, much of public service. Experience and proven competence mean nothing, as long as you exhibit no original thought and follow the party line.
  13. What an unspeakable little cnut. Despite not being an MP at the time he was part of the inner circle of advisors when the decision was taken and, as an MP, he was one of the few that argued for the Iraq Inquiry to be held in public. If he was aware of the public being misled by "tactics and devices" he should have offered his knowledge as Evidence. The fact that he didn't proves what a cowardly, unprincipled, bottom-feeding liar he really is. Utter scum.
  14. And were an eager part of the party machine when we blunder towards Baghdad.

    They were not making any waves at the time as far as I can recall. That's been the behavior of most careerists in Brit politics since the purge of the Tory 'wets' in 81. It's a very bad thing. The Eds are now mouthing platitudes playing tyo the woolly consensus in the Labor base.

    Cameron's sleek, spin happy New Tories are hardly better. This is now called party discipline, the whips will hound any off message dissenter.