Iraq War Question

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Phil306, Apr 8, 2005.

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  1. It seems to me, after reading alot of the posts on here, most people in the UK aren't to happy with the War in Iraq.

    What I am wondering is, what is the general feelings of the war, within the UK?

    What are the general feelings of the war, within the military in the UK?
  2. The US military seems the direct opposite of the British military as regards to anti-war sentiment. 'Nuff said or anyone disagree with this very broad statement of mine?
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  4. I take it comprehension is not one of your strong suits.

    If you made this observation then why ask

    After all this is 1) a british website and 2) primarily a british military membership.

    Hey Poirot you really LE? Your skills of observation worry me 8O
  5. Sometimes, the amount of hostility people have amaze me. My powers of observation are just fine. However, sometimes it pays to ask a question, when your unsure, so you get the proper answer. When you ASSUME things, problems happen and occur.

    So instead of just slamming someone, who is asking a legitimate question, to get some legitimate answers, why not just answer the question or not reply at all?
  6. I think Phil306 deserves a better answer, although I'm no longer in the position to give it. My experiences are now a year out of date, and much has changed since then. The only opinion - or gut feeling - I'll give is that fewer would oppose the war if a popular and/or Conservative government had involved us in it.

    Also, let's play a bit of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours": How come so many American troops support the war, and do they feel unable to criticise the Prez because he's in their direct CoC?
  7. You are a "Class A" cnut, thank God your dumb@ss lives in CaliFornia hope the next "big one" severs you from the rest of the country. :D
  8. Moving this to the Naafi bar.

    Phil, simple answer, we go where we're told.
  9. As regards the public Phil, I'd say they're split 50/50 over the politics of it all, with about 99% of the public supporting the troops doing the job.

    For an opinion from the ranks, about the ranks, you need to ask someone who still dresses in green every morning. :)
  10. Phil, this war was tricky because no iraqi's had the right by their government to say that they wanted to be liberated.

    However impartial the british press pretend to be, i really dont feel we get a true idea of if we are welcome or not.

    Personally, i would now pull out all coalition troops and see what the insurgents do, if they keep attacking then we know they are just cnuts who are enjoying th efreedom to attack people at will.

    hope this helps!! :D
  11. Hmmmmmmmmmm...That is a very good question. I don't think it has anything to do with questioning Bush. I believe it has more to do with Vietnam and being proud of your country. The Vietnam War was so unpopular, you still have alot of fallout from it. I believe our troops are so "gung ho," for a lack of better terms, to show they support the country, right, wrong, or indifferent. Something which didn't happen in 60's and 70's. For that matter, for most of the 80's too, when I served.

    My son is in Iraq now, for his second tour there; a US Marine. When he was home, he spoke quite openly about the discord going on with the troops there. He also told me the men/women don't want to be looked upon as "cowards."

    As Part Time Pongo said: You go where your told to go. The troops don't want to let down their "mates," so they go and fight, although alot of them do not want too. However, they fear they are letting their friends down, if they voiced their opinions, etc.

    As a sidebar: I was originaly for the War in Iraq. However, since the information on the WMD's was proved faulty and none were located, I feel the war was/is unjustified. However, I don't see us, meaning the US and the UK, pulling out anytime soon. Internationally, it would be a disaster.

    Thank you all for your replies. You have cleared up some questions for me.