IRAQ war Memorial.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Nov 19, 2006.

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  1. Is there any intention (or value) of building a lasting war memorial in Iraq before we get the folck out of the place?

    If so what could / should it be - a cenotaph like structure?
  2. Already one just outside Shiabiza , got pics from there whilst onTelic5
    Put up pre WWII
  3. I meant one specifically to celbrate Mr Blairs invasion.
  4. ah right
    I did see a very intense lady on BBC coverage of Rememberance Parade
    I believe she is part of the campaign for amodern addition to the Cenotaph or a new Memorial
    Unfortunately i didn't hear her name
    Sure someone on here did though, might be a worthy cause for ARRSE to support in coming months
  5. Seems like we ought to do something.
  6. Unless you rig it up to a nuke on a tilt switch how are you going to make it long lasting? First local with some pe or a bulldozer and its gone imho.
  7. Dunno, maybe combine with something that commemorates all the dead?
  8. Just in case anyone is interested what it looks like, here are some of the pics of the above mentioned memorial. It used to be in the middle of Basra and in a very rare act of humanity, Saddam had it taken down piece by piece, relocated to the desert outside Shaiba and then rebuilt. The amount of names on their is incredible. Unfortunately, the years have taken their toll and it is getting very run down.

    Incidentally, the memorial to the fallen that was constructed at CAN, Al Ammarah was dismantled before the pull out and is to be recontsructed at BAS (if it isn't already).
    All the best.
  9. Thanks for that, it is clearly a significant structure, but should we not create a new one to recognise the men and women sacrificed in this expedition?