Iraq War Hero

Good to see a bit of common sense and compassion beating beaurocracy.
I think it's more in the context of the other graves being marked with a WWII headstone.


Very fitting, but a shame the family had to go through the trauma of a double burial.
RIP, glad the family had the courage to fight the original jobsworths.
WhiteHorse said:
Randy_Lover said:
It said "Non World War" headstone mate.
Yes, my mistake, still not sure what this means, different shape or wording?
The Inspection and Maintenance of Service Non-War Graves said:
War graves are generally defined as those of Service personnel and others who died while on active service during the priods 4 August 1914 to 31 August 1921 and 3 September 1939 to 31 Dcember 1947. Such graves are the responsibility of the CWGC to maintain. Non-war graves are the graves of Service personnel and, where appropriate, certain dependants and others who died outside the dates referred to in the definitionof war graves.
The difference is that Non World War headstones have the top corners cut out so it is of a different shape.

A War Grave Headstone

A Non-War Grave Headstone ("H" Jones's):

The wording and badges are standard. At the bottom of the headstone there is a space for families to have a short epitaph added.

Most non-war graves are marked by individual grave markers which normally comprise a standard pattern headstone. Such headstones will normially be engraved with the following details (the layout following the pattern agreed with the appropriate Service Department):

a. Royal Navy, Royal Marine, Regimental or Royal Air Force Crest as appropriate.
b. Personal details of the deceased, namely:
(1) Initials and surname, and any honours (headstones for Royal Navy
and Royal Marine personnel should have at least one Christian
name, normally the first, engraved in full).
(2) Rank and where applicable, official Service number.
(3) Ship, Regiment, Unit or Service.
(4) Date of death and age.
c. Religious emblem as required.
d. Personal inscription, chosen by the next of kin, consisting of about 60
letters in total length and of not more than four lines.
At last a good story and a victory for common sense.

"He said Lt Bracho-Cooke's grave, with non-World War headstone, will be maintained by the commission on behalf of the MoD to the same standard as the other military graves in the plot."

My thoughts go out to the familly, but you can be safe in the knowledge that the grave will be kept in immaculate condition.

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