Iraq War. Elections 2009 - Went the day well?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Feb 1, 2009.

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  1. Went the day well?
    We died and never knew
    But well or ill, Freedom,
    We died for you.

    The elections in Iraq seem to have passed off with a high turnout, candidates being mainly none turban wearing with a good proportion of Women and very little violence. What says the multitude on ARRSE; is this a sign that something worthwhile emerges? A free, Democratic and mildly secular Country?

    What say you?
  2. Some questions must still be answered about Northern Iraq, but picturing what things will look like from the future, I think this can be seen as the point at which the war effectivly ended.
  3. Now that the wheels are still attached to the wagon can we expect a formal announcement that the lads in Basra can actual finish packing and get out in good order? Surely there is no reason to prolong their stay any longer now?
  4. Wont an announcement with a definite leaving date just increase the violence again like it did with Basra Palace? As the remaining insurgents attempt to claim they've forced the coalition out?
  5. good news so on ARRSE it'll be all quiet?
  6. Bingo.


    To make up for the lack of other posts:

    Shrub, blah blah. Bliar, blah blah. Hauge, blah blah. Random idol threat, blah blah.

  7. I would agree with that and there is nothing as dull as peace as the absence of posts would indicate.
  8. Well peace and quiet concerning Iraq is a change for the better I suppose
  9. Might I add

    oil blah blah blah, permanent base blah blah blah, Haliburton yada yada yada
  10. Respectable turnout: 51%. Tight control and little violence like the last time. Oddly folk tend to forget the last purple fingered moment rapidly turned from a hastily organized media spectacle into an outright political and military disaster.

    This one does have more hopeful signs, actual names on the ballot and Sunni participation. Watch the parts of the country were Kurd rubs up against Arab over oil fields.

    I do hope the blatantly sectarian ruling parties all get stuffed. Qom does not. How their chums in SIIC fair down South will be critical.
  11. Incidentally Cordesman is still providing analysis rather than scape grace declarations of victory as the long painful business of extracting ourselves from this mess begins.
    There'll be an eventual reckoning in Iraqi politics. Let's hope it's democratic and peaceful rather than soaked in blood as is traditional in the land of the two rivers.
  12. Welcome the peaceful passing of the elections. Not a mention os shrub, oil or anything else. :D Following is a pretty acurate piece based on the convos that I have had around this.

    Source: Beleaguered Basra Hails “Breadwinner” Maliki

  13. It is not the critic who counts,
    or how the strongman stumbled and fell,
    or where the doer of deeds
    could have done better.
    The credit belongs to the man
    who is actually in the arena,
    who knows the great enthusiasms,
    the great devotion,
    and who spends himself
    in a worthy cause.

    If he fails,
    at least he fails while daring greatly,
    so that he may never be
    one of those cold and timid souls,
    who know neither victory nor defeat.

    - Theodore Roosevelt