Iraq war debate 18/03/2003

Was browsing through Hansard and came across the Commons Iraq debate in March 2003 prior to hostilities.


If you fancy a good laugh its definitely worth having a look at all the hot air our honourable Members spouted at the time.

The Tories come across as a right bunch of knobs especially IDS and Vague Hague. Half of these lot are now claiming they were misled when in fact you can see how gung-go they were at the time.

OTOH the Lib Dems, SNP and several brave Labour rebels were almost prophetic in their predictions.

The Tory French bashing was absolutely hilarious:-

(Mr. Lansley)—we were sadly let down by our French colleagues: our French allies. I believe that their behaviour has been nothing short of disgraceful.

I am satisfied that many hon. Members—such as the Father of the House, the hon. Member for Halifax (Mrs. Mahon) and others—believe completely and honesty that it is wrong to go to war. However, I do not accept that President Chirac and his Government believe in the same way. They are acting for entirely false reasons.

Sir Nicholas Winterton: Selfish reasons.

Mr. Mackay: Their reasons are very selfish. They are acting for commercial gain, and for wider international and political gains. I shall take no lessons from a French President who breaks sanctions and invites the murderous Mugabe to Paris. I shall take no lessons from a French President and his defence Minister who threatened EU applicant states for merely supporting us and the Americans, and for signing a letter of support.

The behaviour of the French has been disgraceful. It ill befits a close ally and friend. I feel sorry for the French people today. I regret that the President was re-elected last year. I believe that he has done great harm to the international community.

In conclusion, every hon. Member faces a simple choice tonight. We must decide which course of action is more likely to bring peace and stability to the world and, in the short, medium and long term, ensure that fewer innocent lives, whether civilian or military, are lost. :numberone:

I passionately believe that the whole international community would suffer if we and our American allies withdrew our troops from the Iraqi border without Saddam Hussein having complied with the UN resolutions that he has flouted. Every terrorist and tin-pot dictator around the world would be given a green light. The harm and damage that that would do, to us and to future generations, is incalculable. That is why I have reached the conclusion that the right thing to do tonight is to oppose the amendment and support the Government motion.

Commercial gain eh?

If I were the Frogs id be laughing my arrse off.

There's other gems in there, far too numerous to mention!

Definitely worth a browse!

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