Iraq War Could Last For Decades


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Hmm interesting stuff Orac....which unlike most of what appears on your site, curiously enough did NOT appear on the Defence Intranet site ....I wonder why?

This shot did though and I thought I would post it in here rather than opening a separate thread:

accompanying blurb:
Soldiers from the famous 'Desert Rats' have been conducting patrols around Basrah aimed at curbing insurgent activity in the city.

Conducting an arrest and search operation called Op Dragonfly; King's Own Royal Border Regiment with Multi National Forces secured an area in the centre of Basrah and searched key positions

Three rifle companies of The 1st Battalion King's Own Royal Border Regiment, Arnhem, Burma and Chindit (each named after a Regimental battle honour), are based in various locations around the Brigade Area.

Burma and Chindit are part of 1 Highlander's Battle Group in Basrah and have been conducting patrols in an around the city. Arnhem are the brigade reserve and have taken part in a number of search operations.

The latest of the operations, carried out with Danish troops, took place during the early hours of 15 November 2005. Arnhem Coy deployed in armoured 'snatch' vehicles and rigid assault boats, while the Danish Battalion covered the area with infantry and specialist personnel, searching a number of houses.

Search dogs, helicopter, American F-15 jets, an Ammunition Technical officer, the Weapon Inspections section and the Royal Military Police were among the assets deployed in support roles.

Documents, weapons and equipment recovered are still being analysed by forensic teams. It is hoped that the results of these tests will lead to further intelligence and help in the hunt for the insurgents and their equipment.
Good pic. 8)

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MOD_Oracle said:
Iraq War 'Could Last For Decades'
well at least theyve given up on the usual 'itll be all over by christmas' line
The Pentagon has announced today that there would be several deployment changes early next year. Three brigades are affected : one will redeploy to the US and not be replaced. One will redeploy to Kuwait. One brigade may not deploy from the US to Iraq.
tomahawk6 said:
One brigade may not deploy from the US to Iraq.
well that clears that one up! :roll:
It warns that a US withdrawal would be a "foreign policy disaster greater than the retreat from Vietnam".
Probably it will be more painfull than failure in Vietnam.

Suppose that a strong tennis player is defeated by another strong player. It is an unpleasant situation but it is more worse to be defeated by obviously weaker one.

Iraqi war will be a good food for historians.
The yanks wil stil be their in streangh for the rest of my life time.
I'll wager sum of ya sons will be serving there long after I'm a pile of ashes.

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