Iraq vote (report from Southern Iraq)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Jan 28, 2005.

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  1. Robust line from the Divisional Reserve battle group outside Basra:
    full story at
  2. Good find hackle.

    Its about time the kids gloves were taken off and give them a real bloody nose!

    Just hope it doesnt kick off to badly for the guys in basrah this weekend.
  3. Someone's got out the "Royal Air Force guide to dealing with troublemakers and shufta in Mesapotamia - ca. 1920"

    Will we be leaflet bombing first , enabling the locals to evacuate before we level the Village?

    Ahhhh Empire :D

    Now seriously.

    Good skills Sir. But I do have to ask , what are all those "trained and available" New Model Iraqi Army personnel doing? Their election after all, and as the Spams constantly tell us, they're up for it , fully trained and want this freedom.

    I did start looking at news reports and statistics for the upswing in violence on the run in to the election , but I just ended up depressed.

    Stay safe guys.
  4. PTP I think when it is all said and done the elections will surprise the naysayers. The media/left was wrong in Afghanistan and they will be wrong again. Two of Zarqawi's top deputies were captured which should help. Saw on Fox an interview with LTG Sir John Kiszly who was quite optimistic.
  5. Isn't the problem likely to centre around the newly, and democratically, dis-enfranchised Sunni population? At the moment there must be some who have buried their heads in the sand with regard to how a Shi'i dominated government - with heavy international military/economic support and a democratic mandate - will alter the status quo for them.

    Not to mention the fact that every Sunni led government in the Middle East will be itching to put insurgents over the border in order to destabalise a potential Shi'i ally for Iran.
  6. The Sunni's aren't being disenfranchised. I think they will turn out to vote because to not vote makes them the odd man out. The moderate Sunni tribal leaders see that it is to their advantage to join the political process.

    It is true that a Shiaa dominated Iraq could be seen as a threat to the other regime's. But the big player is Iran. They have two choices. Support the current process or meddle. If they meddle Iraq will breakup into 3 parts
    Kurdish north, Sunni center and Shiaa south. With a Shiaa south this opens the way for Iran to move military units to the borders of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Couple that with a nuclear capable Iran and the dynamic's of the region could become really unsettled.
  7. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Fcuk me ! I used to work for him.....Not to disillusion you Hawk old lad but wouldn't trust him to tell me whether it was day or night.

    Made his bones as a subaltern with Scots Guards on Corporate. Him and about five guys from his platoon still standing on Tumbledown, having bayonetted their way up.

    A righteous bully. Humiliates people around him out of boredom.

    Doubtless bound for higher things following his current tour.

    << Ni bon oeuf ni bon camarade >>

    Lee Shaver
  9. Goatman I appreciate your insight. However, my optimism is based on alot more than just Sir John's interview. This is a number's game. The 60% Shiaa will turnout big time as will the Kurds. So that leaves 20% of the rest, the Sunni's. I think we will see a 30-40% turnout in Sunni areas. A +60% total turnout would be very positive. This is what the sacrifice is all about. Giving people a chance to decide their destiny.
  10. Gen Kiszely was interviewed on Sky News today as well. He is a manoeuvrist doctrine guru, and his previous appointments included CG of our 1(UK) Armoured Division.

    Saw a TV programme a few years ago in which he played Wellington in a Waterloo wargame - he lost! but took it well: no steel-rimmed glasses flung onto the table.
  11. It is in Iran's interests to destablise Iraq given the current US administrations stated aim to go after them next. After all, if US forces are occupied in Iraq they are not available to pop next door.

    And the locals will not be able to decide their own destiny as long as the current US backed administration is in power. For the destiny most Iraqi's want is to split along ethnic lines and sort their own affairs out.

    I cannot see this ending well - the election has raised hopes of political arrangements that the US will never accept.
  12. This next few days are going to be hard work for the Coalition forces in Iraq.
    My thoughts & prayers are for them & all Iraqis who desire an end to violence.
    Stay safe, all who are out there.
  13. Hear, hear Oddbod. That deserved saying.