Iraq Videos, *** chappie!

Discussion in 'RLC' started by ArmySurplusSpecial, Feb 6, 2007.

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  1. Just found these 2 videos on youtube:

    Ma*kie 1

    Ma*kie 2

    i was in the same mess as Ma*kie in Fally and he showed me the delights of the pink house. He was in there every weekend and we ended up there in mess dress after one do.

    great bloke, the doc once described him as: "A big, fat overweight drunk"
  2. Top videos, laughed so much I nearly paid my Regtl Subs!!!!
  3. Awesome, well done that man!
  4. Lets hope his missus reads about his exploits in the whore houses here then eh ASS! ha ha!
    Funny stuff
  5. Ma*kie always has been and probably always will be a cock and a bully, but I have to hand it to the boy, these are funny, so loose a few stone, the attitude, and be a perfectly funny soul rather than a fat r sole
  6. Having served with the man in question I can't believe you got the same man, never once saw that in him. I always found him a decent boss and a good laugh.
  7. WO1 (SSM) MWM can be quite intimidating - if your an arse. I suspect you are and have probably been made to look the fool that you are and taken exception to it, but not had the balls to say anything to him.
  8. Oops, I think the hyper-link took me to the wrong site. Try a re-post; nothing remotely funny where I went.
  9. That should be "you're" you moron.

    For example:
    "dingerr you're a moron"
    "is dingerr one of your morons SSM ?"
  10. Thanks Spiffy for pointing out my grammatical/spelling error. I really don't mind being corrected if i have made a mistake and as you seem to enjoy it so much could you review my other 194ish posts - just to make sure. Also if you would like to PM your address (i believe that your is correct, although i must admit that not using a capital I is incorrect - it being a proper noun an' all) i will foward you all my tech paperwork so that you can proof read it before i submit it for processing.

    Again many thanks.

    Rude C*nt
  11. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Well you did always need that bit of extra help. :cyclopsani:
  12. dingerr, I thought you were a moron based on a reply you gave in the Multinational forum, so it came as no surprise to see that your spelling and grammer was sh*te as well.

    As much as I'd like to help you avoid making mistakes, there are only 24 hours in a day, not enough to correct the massive amount of mistakes and sh*t you spew out.

    Why on earth the Army continues to employ a L/Cpl of your low standard is beyond me, maybe it's for your entertainment value ?
  13. i hardly think dingerr's comment required your response? yes he made a grammar error, so what?? if you have a bone to pick with dingerr then i suggest you go to PM's. Its not big or clever to have a willy jousting session following him around in a t'internet forum is it? :meditate:

    As dingerr and Bah_Humbug have said, cant see how its the same bloke that i and they knew and paragorge describes?
  14. The post I refer to was about the US Forces killed in Helicopter crashes.
  15. Well feck off back to that thread. This is about someones videos on youtube, you tube and not a pi$$ing contest.
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