Iraq very different if Nasser had toppled

Was Eden stabbed in the back by Tory liberals?

Did Eisenhower really regret US's lack of support as their greatest foreign policy mistake?

Would Iraq have had its coup in '58 if Nasser had been toppled?

A fresh perspective on Suez
Actually a big fan of Eden but Suez was a shambles from the beginning.
There was a chance that if Hungary hadn't happened the Yanks, may have supported us but the action was in complete violation of the tripartite powers declaration and given the anti-British sentiment that existed in Egypt the British presence wold not have been tolerated with heavy losses on both sides. Therefore it is not improbable to suggest that Eden would have fallen, even after Suez.

But Macmillan was a scumbag who would have exploited the situation either way.

Secondly in regards to Iraq - again anti-British sentiment was not inspired by Nasser, it was already long standing. The '37 treaty was coming up for negotiation, there is every chance that Karim would have still launched his coup or another Nationalist leader would have taken his chance.

In regards to Nasser and Egypt, who knows? Even if he had fallen and the British had installed a pro-Brit leader, who is to say he would have lasted? Military overstretch was problem even then!

The Palestinians are an interesting question, though! Habash was a member of the Nasser inspired ANM but the PLO was created with the backing of the Arab League. The 67 and 73 may not have happened but given the success of Suez who is not to say that the Israeli would not have later moved against Jordan and the West Bank.
castlereagh said:
Actually a big fan of Eden but Suez was a shambles from the beginning.
Have to say it's painful to watch last night's retrospect and probably most issues relating to Suez. The Empire still attempting to strike back.

I just wonder how much our transparent 21st century perspective struggles to absorb the issues of the day.

Nice audio-visual here.
"It was the last thrash of empire," he told me. "A last attempt by a British government to do the old imperial thing in defence of far-off interests. It was a complete folly."

It is not easy these days to cast back 50 years to 1956. Britain still had an empire. Memories of World War II were fresh and English schoolboys were taught that Britain (England more like) had won the war.

There was some understanding that the Americans had come in, but at a late stage and almost no mention of the Soviet Union at all. We were told: "British is best."
Those were the days! :D


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