Iraq US Marines photodiary

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Run_Charlie!, May 16, 2006.

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  1. ...and so should the Russians.

    As one sided as ever, Sergey...
  2. Some fantastic photograhy there.
  3. Sergej, не бросьте камни, когда Вы сидите в теплице!
  4. I understand your point Darth_Doctrinus. War crimes in Chechnya (that took place) is a good exuse for deportation of Kosovar Roma.
  5. Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house?

    I'm a private person. You may blame my government and (if you are right) I would support you. If you are not quite right then I would correct you. No problem. By the way if I make an unpleasant remark about highly esteemed, learned mr.Blair then I'm sure I would be supported at least by some our friends.
  6. No you smug man. People in glass houses and so forth.
  7. Sergey, have you actually served anywhere and witnessed first hand what goes on when on ops, or do you just like to pass biased comment on things you read about on the internet? I was in Pristina in 99, were you?
  8. While looking at the day to day shots on the site of the american 3rd Marine Division it makes you wonder if the general public really know what goes on in the sandpit. Hopefully they are not thinking of the typical images from a war film or TV docu.
    Some of the pics were not just memorable for the capture of the moment, but for the stark reality of the fear, confusion and the will just to get on with it and go home.
    Respect where it is due.

  9. Russian troops taking airports and THREATENING THEIR ALLIES!!!!

    Lenin said Sergey, communism cannot survive if their is capitalism, one system will survive.

    One system has survived and is trying to stop the spread of anarchy which was evident under communism and that is we are fighting "our patriotic war" (I usually do not use euphomisms like that but it's sadly befitting).

    And as to what my opinions of any of our leaders is, I swore an oath and I will keep that oath!
  10. Hi Drain_sniffer! No I haven't been to Kosovo.

    As I remember namely British tanks were sent to the airport. Though the story ended by football match. Im not sure that a word "THREATENING" can be used there.
  11. So sergey, whilst trying to avoid turning this very nobal thread into a slagging session, have you actually served anywhere (Im sure I asked this), or do you like to post biased comment on what soldiers do
  12. Drain_sniffer!

    Sorry, indeed I haven't answered you question.

    1. I'm a civilian, though a lieutenant in reserve (anti-aircraft).
    2. Yes, I'm biased (sometimes, not in this post) and I believe the vast majority are biased too.
    3. I pointed to the results of the liberation.
    4. There is nothing insulting in my post.
  13. Amazing photos. It reminds me of the photo essays Life magazine (anyone remember them?) used to do. Has anyone done anything similar with British forces?

    ...and to introduce myself...

    - I'm a civilian
    - I have never been in the military
    - I do not Airsoft
    - I'm an american living in the UK
    - I lurk mostly

    Back into stealth mode....