Iraq to promote tourism!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Sep 18, 2008.

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  1. Some how i think there a few years away from tourism yet. But why not, once the country is put back together again. I expect it could becombe a great holiday desitanion if security is in place and money is invested.
  2. Look for a major tourism ad campaign in next month's 'Solider of Fortune'.
  3. Remember when I was at school, the language dept had a fairly old and dog-eard tourism poster showing the main sights of Baghdad.
    However must've been 70's or at least pre Iran-Iraq era.
  4. I love the way this British official claims that Iraq is a pontentially civilised and cultural place. The ancient sites Yes, the people no. They are the only race of people I know who Stand up for a Sh1t and sit down for a p1ss. I need not go on, says it all for me.
  5. my mum went to iraq on holiday once. some pretty cool pictures too.

    however in this instance i think the word tourism has been misheard and they actually said terrorism but in a bit of an accent.

    good luck to the country and hopefully it turns into a really nice place, the temperature is perfect at least!
  6. Hell, they said the same about Liverpool FFS! Lying cnuts.
  7. Unfortunately, they heard about "Sunni Fallujah" and got completely the wrong end of the stick.
  8. It's sunny and stinks of shit. What's not to like?
  9. A few years ago (2004-5) there was a fella in Basra who had set up a holiday company there. Basra was going to be marketed as the Venice of the Middle East. This fella optimistically recommended hiring bodyguards as there was "only" a 60% chance of being abducted.

    I do agree, however, that with the right situation, Basra would be a fascinating tourist destination. I'd love to go back without a gun.
  10. :slow:

    The trains a cracking idea. Like their very own orient express, classy, historical heritage context too, something they can take pride in. But a Giant Ferris wheel?!

  11. The ancient desert city of Ur was one of the wonders of the world...until the Septics built a military base on top of it.
  12. Thats it, i'am off to book my ticketts.
  13. Ur is untouched by Talil AFB, I posted some pics of the ruins a couple of years ago, well worth a visit once things improve.
  14. mm could set up a company doing battlefield tours