Iraq to promote tourism!

Some how i think there a few years away from tourism yet. But why not, once the country is put back together again. I expect it could becombe a great holiday desitanion if security is in place and money is invested.
Look for a major tourism ad campaign in next month's 'Solider of Fortune'.
Remember when I was at school, the language dept had a fairly old and dog-eard tourism poster showing the main sights of Baghdad.
However must've been 70's or at least pre Iran-Iraq era.
I love the way this British official claims that Iraq is a pontentially civilised and cultural place. The ancient sites Yes, the people no. They are the only race of people I know who Stand up for a Sh1t and sit down for a p1ss. I need not go on, says it all for me.
my mum went to iraq on holiday once. some pretty cool pictures too.

however in this instance i think the word tourism has been misheard and they actually said terrorism but in a bit of an accent.

good luck to the country and hopefully it turns into a really nice place, the temperature is perfect at least!
lukethebootneck said:
I love the way this British official claims that Iraq is a potentially civilised and cultural place.
Hell, they said the same about Liverpool FFS! Lying cnuts.
A few years ago (2004-5) there was a fella in Basra who had set up a holiday company there. Basra was going to be marketed as the Venice of the Middle East. This fella optimistically recommended hiring bodyguards as there was "only" a 60% chance of being abducted.

I do agree, however, that with the right situation, Basra would be a fascinating tourist destination. I'd love to go back without a gun.
There are also plans for a giant Ferris wheel in Baghdad which will soar more than 650 feet over the city and feature air-conditioned compartments that would each carry up to 30 passengers.

The trains a cracking idea. Like their very own orient express, classy, historical heritage context too, something they can take pride in. But a Giant Ferris wheel?!

Thats it, i'am off to book my ticketts.
mm could set up a company doing battlefield tours
Taffnp said:
mm could set up a company doing battlefield tours
Yeah, should be good.

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