"Iraq to launch huge Baghdad raids"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Highway, May 26, 2005.

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  1. According to the BBC:


    Sounds quite hopeful if it is real and well-organised, and not a PR exercise and re-organisation to look like the Iraqis are making effective security advances for themselves.

    But I'm wondering what you guys think of this part:

    Do you think, if this concrete blockade works, insurgents might turn to other parts of Iraq as easier targets? Perhaps in the south? :?: Just concerned for what the implications might be for UK forces.
  2. Excellent idea, (very new labour) tell the insurgent in advance....then claim an easy victory (because they have gone elsewhere) and make it look like the Iraqi Army is the dogs bollocks.

    Is A Cuuntball working for the Iraqi Minitsry of Lies?
  3. Don't worry (and of course be happy). Situation is quite opposite. Coalition forces are too strong, well armed and trained. Morale is on the highest level. All as one are eager to establish true democracy in Iraq and are ready to sacrifise own lives for this noble idea.

    So puppet army is the main target of insurgents. Killing of liberators is rare event (it should be regarded rather as killing by friendly fire). So namely deploying of these 40000 in Basra would be too dangerous for Britons who know what this expression 'friendly fire' means.
  4. Sweet Jesus, I've waited this long to steak up against you KGB, you don't half talk some shi'ite.

    Basra (and in general much of the south) is no where near as volitile as Baghdad so why would 40000 Iraqi soldiers even need to deploy there? It is not the case that the Brits are doing a better job than the Americans or that the people are more passive, but a combination of the 2. The insurgents attack in the north as this is where they have most support. The car bombs in Baghdad gain the insurgents more publicity to further their own media campaign.

    A example you ask? 2004, 5 suicide bombers attacked in Basra (3 against police stations in the city and 2 against a training facility). Didnt get much coverage.

    As for the throw away comment about friendly fire; at least we dont shoot our soldiers as a form of punishment.

    Lets just let the Iraqis try and go on their own (even if there is a little steering from the Yanks).

    Before you make stupid comments get you facts straight.
  5. KGB are you really a Russian ?
    Nothing nasty, just knowing my cuntrymen, impersonating a foriegn national would be considered good fun.
    I'll assume you are who you say you are, so shurely you must know that Brits really are just nicer people than our US cousins. Our small army is more Professional and our long expierance of 'Minor' wars, not the full scale wipe them off the face of the earth type that our cousins understand. All go to make Tom a more acceptable careing person with a greater understanding of Locals then the boys from the backwoods of USA.
  6. Hi John!

    So you mean that there is a lot of cnuts is your cuntry that cun't be simply the English. Mm... I surrender, it would be a cuntish idea from my side to cuntinune this senseless dispute about my nationality. You personally cunto regard me as Serge Woodman and that all.

    Probably Brits are nicer than Americans but I respect our American friends too.

    British army is of course very professional and experienced.
  7. Laugh my fukcing arrse of KGB_resident. excellent retort.
  8. To replace completely British troops. As Basra is a calm region (I agree) then it is a first candidate for full control by Iraqi government. Though in this case British forced would probably be redeployed to another, not so calm lplace. In this context I hope you understand my comment about 40000 of Iraqi troops in Basra.

    Absolutely agree.

    Very reasonable comment too.