Iraq , to carry on or get out ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Feb 3, 2007.

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  1. Not looking too good then Iraq Troops to bagdad concerns makes you wonder.
    they don't seem to have the same "kick ass" attitude we Brits are known for, if all this is true, I don't how we should carry on holding their hands for them, in addition to reports of corruption and Police Brutality and alleged complicity with Insurgents, should we bother ? most importantly all this is costing us money, British money, which would be better diverted back to UK, reading the Daily Mail , it says it is costing us £23, million a day and we are approaching £5 Billion , all that money could have paid for OUR hospitals, Police, Public services and no Tax Rises £ 5 Billion cost of Iraq war
    Nothing has seemed signifcantly changed and we are getting hit by both sections of the community while begging us to stay to prevent bloodbath depending who is in the minority.

    makes for depressing reading, I don't see a way out except to nuke the entire place and practice Alexander the Great style of warfare in Afghanistan.
  2. I agree, The money could be much more wisely spent on single teenage mothers, asylum seekers, druggies, chavs on the dole and for the luxury of those in prisons.

    I would much rather see the above mentioned deceased then Iraqis.
  3. TCB should take note... Take out a few spams wile we are at it, that should balance the friendly fire ratio they are known for.

    On a serious note, the only way out is not commit to it in the first place, Iraq is not a civil place. Afghanistan will work because the US are not present in large numbers and therefore our 'Hearts and Minds' policy can be practiced instead of the 'M4 dressed in attachments, cowboy in a hummer' doctrine.
  4. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    On a more serious note - a Spam has just taken command in AFG - where there are insufficient Brit troops to squash the Talib properly, and too little DfID development to build on what military successes Brits troops have fought for to date.

    On the other hand, if you could unlock some of the 6k Brits currently locked into Dubya's personal goatf*ck in Iraq, and put them in AFG before it's too late. Then you might be talking turkey.

    I suspect, though, you would need a small band of determined men to drive the DfID teams out of their Kabul hotel bars, at gunpoint, to get them seriously to work in rural Afghanistan.

    Any volunteers?
  5. Simple question, simple answer - GET OUT NOW.
    In addition, send the execrable smarmy little shite who sent us into Iraq to the Hague for trial for crimes against humanity.
    Korea - OK; Malaya - OK; Suez - No; Confrontation - OK; NI - OK; Falklands - OK; First Gulf War - OK; Balkans - WTFF!; Kosovo - Why ?; Iraq now - NO WAY; Afghanistan - for crying out loud, does nobody read history? This will end in tears, whilst Bliar is making millions in USA.
  6. Oh...So...True.
  7. Aye,bring the lads and lasses back before any more brave people die to fulfill an idiots dream,and then put the head cnut and his wide mouthed wife on trial