Iraq the Unsexy War

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Letterwritingman, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. I have just finished watching the last of RK with the Vikings (emigrating, no SKY; so thanks those who uploaded). First of all I would like to say what a fantastic documentary it was and that I blubbed a few times and that I think the Anglians did a fantastic job. It was good to see a 'Face' spend time as it truly is and Ross seemed to 'Bed in'.
    My point before I ramble too far is, why has this not been done for Iraq?
    The same young men, and specifically to that theatre (at the moment) women are dying , the threat is not one that you can necessarilly shoot straight back at or call in CAS to deliver the 'Finale'. MOAUT is exactly that, complete with civvies in the way and an in place infrastructure to protect. What a shame that the media other than Michael Yon could never go out with 4 Rifles or any of the Loggies runson Telic 10.......or done Telic 4.
    Its not sour grapes, or anything like it...........just makes one reflect on the old saying 'Heroes and Villians' =|
  2. Battles in Helmand are simply suited to 'documentary style' filmmaking.

    In Basra, battles were very hard and fast, and usually involved putting down a massive amount of firepower before jumping in the vehicles and fcuking off sharpish.
  3. If celebrities are useful in that role then why not get comedians to go out instead of actors. The could knock out a CSE stand-up act as well.

    Then we could have Peter Kaye, Ricky Gervais, Jo Brand, Matt Lucas, Dawn French et al and all the other "tubby comics" on something far better than the slimfast plan!
  4. Perhaps I should have rephrased the thread title 'Is Afghanistan a Media Sexy War?'

    Iraq, has claimed more lives in shorter time, in a less easily definable battlespace than 'Stan yet still is treated like an ongoing war crime, why should that be so; is it because the Media tells us which wars to fight?.
  5. I think for the Meedja, it's a 'better' one to cover, partly for what Dp said, but also that it has a legality that the Iraq Invasion and Occupation will never have

    Not a go at the lads and lasses involved - BLiar and Broon are ones cupable for that.
  6. I am renaming this one:

    Iraq the Unsexy War.
  7. Corrrrr! So the lads in Afghanistan get to see lots of local leg and brazen breast do they? Whereas the poor chaps in Iraq only have the comfort of a burkha to wake up to.

    Ah! Shame. :D
  8. It's a well known fact in Iraq that wearing mirror shades enables you to see right through women's clothing, so no problem there.
  9. Well............there is the benefit of Popular Press coverage to come home to.

    Getting blown up and killed fact; Iraq would be your choice of destination.

    Not so sexy when you can't fire Javelin and throw 'bang' all over the place.

    Devils advocate of course :D
  10. In My own 'Simplistic' Logic.
    Ganistan is the Honorable War
    Iraq is the war of lies.
    Most sincere apologies to all who have suffered from Blurs Illegal War.
  11. Meaning what exactly?...........The Royal Anglians may next be deployed to Iraq/Kuwait (erm...withdrawal).

    So Royal Anglians .....praised one minute............Boo Hiss baddies the next?

    Is Iraq not a sexy war because the media say's it's not? More soldiers have died in Iraq in 5 years than Afghanistan in 7. Why were there no 'meejia' embeds or 'Celebs' out in Iraq on the ground? How about following a re-supply convoy into the city. Are we not in danger of creating two types of 'War veteran' here, those who can state I was in Afghanistan and those who have to mumble 'I did a tour,2 or 3 of Iraq' because its not a popular war?
  12. Most of the meedjahedin ignore both imo.

    It's only particular individuals who push through the wall. Like Yon in Iraq and now Mr Kemp (who I used to think was a tw*t but is now in my official "Top Bloke" list).
  13. I see what you're getting at. It's not deliberate, but the mass hype surrounding the Helmand deployment has overshadowed an extremely rough last couple of years in Iraq.

    Unfortunately though, that's the way it goes. Take Northern Ireland for example.
  14. I also think that Zarkowi had frightened the bejeezus out of anyone who was caught not representing his cause and subsequently gave them their last TV appearance.

    Even with titanium tezzers you gotta admit that it was quite disturbing!
  15. The Beeb did a Fly on The Wall series in Iraq following an RHA regiment - no celebrity following the troops just several camera and sound crews. Also had a crew with the rear party.