Iraq the TV mini Series

Depends on how it's done - but I note that this is the same channel that runs JAG and NCIS. Incidentally, your net link appears to be dead.
I just watched the trailer via the link.

It just looks like a typical American TV programme...they all seem to follow the same design, but with a different setting.

The trailer reminded me of ER, but with the Army in Iraq instead of Doctors in a hospital. I'm sure there'll be a "moral to the story" at the end of each episode.

I think it looks ****. To be "PC" they're sure to have some Iraqi militant who has become disillusioned with the insurgency, or is fighting against his will and ends up helping an American escape capture, then ends up being killed himself.
Altogether now:

"Suicide is painless,
It brings on many changes,
And I can take or leave it if I pleeeeeze!"

This week's Episode: Hawkeye and Trapper John attach the electrodes to Abdul's testicles whilst he's being photographed naked with Hotlips etc.
Just watched the trailer....

pfc lying in hospital bed , clutching birds hand "...I just wanna get back to my unit"

bird - "you can't, not with one leg"

quality, pure quality..... (sigh)
So it's "Tour of Duty" in the desert?
I nominate MDN as the comical cheeky cockney brit , that they always portray in these things
and maybe Papa Lazaroo as the drunken ex-pat journo?
Having just viewed the character profiles, I can say that the GIs in the computer game Full Spectrum Warrior seem better fleshed-out.

Looks like some more typical Spam Bollox, No doubt Sky 1 ch5 will end up buying this cak, and promoting it as "This year’s best programme" Run it for fifteen series and bore us to death after series 1.
Not sure if "Six underground" is appropriate theme music :(
Not to sound as though I like the idea of an Iraq drama, I don't, but the same network is responsible for The Shield, and that's a quality programme, not sure if they can get away with a US Army Vic Mackey capping Arabs in quite the same way though.
Seen the first 2 episodes now. Oh dear :(

The makers went to a lot of time and trouble to get the kit and equipment righht , throw in a lot of Army speak , "I am not a Sir, I am not a godamn faggit Officer , I fight for a living" etc etc.

Lots of effort gone into making the action scenes intense , that guy getting blown in half by an M40 , or the car at the roadblock getting swiss cheesed by a SAW , do make you think "Whoa dude - rewind"

But other bits do make you think "Oh FFS" . Four soldiers are going to get up in a bunch and attack a fortified building are they? No F+M , no zig zag, just get up, and trot forward smartly shooting. Oh and shooting for 2 days off and on , no ammo replen, and no mag changes (The curse of American action films , or "Katie Elder-itis" ) Digging in in a kill zone at night , and a whole bunch of other stuff that sucked.

But if you want to wile away 40 minutes suspending reality, it's not bad.

No hang on, I've just seen the trailer for Episode 3. "20 stingers are missing, we have to get them back" Yeeeeeha ,"Navy Seals" redux 8O

So it's more an American version of Ultimate farce. :*(
If the world stopped fighting, there was no terroist attacks and no mass murders. What exactly would America do for TV?
All making a point of slagging the prog off, some without even seeing an episode. It's only tv fiction FFS. BTW, I will avoid watching it......gratuitious violence upsets me. he, he,
Well, to be fair to the spams they did make the excellent Band of Brothers, but that was HBO rather than Fox. Oh, and use a lot of British actors. The spams also made Three Kings about GW1 which was really very good. And Platoon. Etc.

Why doesn't "Iraqi Freedom" deserve the same level of quality when dramatised?

Perhaps it could be improved by some imaginative sub-titling courtesy of someone with limited english. I recommend the chap whose work is featured here.
smoojalooge said:
i think it's called propaganda :twisted:
Since FX is part of Murdoch's stable I'm sure they'll do as thorough, accurate and non-biased a job as John Wayne did when he made The Green Berets in 1969 (where they had the sun setting in what was supposedly the Eastern sky).

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