iraq (the sand pit )aug 2006

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by stevie_The_pioneer, Feb 17, 2006.

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  1. so any you guys out there got your names down for going to the sand pit in aug just herd from our PSI that they are looking for voulanters
    to go on a six month tour attached to the highlanders
  2. voulanters - is that a particular job within an infantry Btn???? :lol:

    Excuse my RLC limited knowledge. Is it like the guys who poke the big explosive rod through the barbed wire emplacements???? :roll:
  3. just my spelling we are assult pioneers but the T.a are being rtecruted for an op to iraq in aug 2005
    and they looking for us jocks to volenteer to go with the highlanders for six month if they dont get enough vol then we will be mobilized

    and to answer your question pioneers are the bridge between the infantry and engineers we do everythin they do only on a much smaller scale
  4. If you volunteer for the august deployment, when does beat up training start? Or does beat up training begin in august?

  5. sent to chilwell for pre op in aug wont be deployed till later on

    was just curious if anyone had put there names down

    i just waitin to do my cic then my name is going down

    two weeks to go then am off to catterick
  6. You going to Catterick 10th March?? See you then, big lad.
  7. Hate to break this to you.....
  8. thanks for letting us know that iraq is the sandpit though! :D
  9. Hope he's not being put in charge of timings for RV's on the next course...
  10. hes not done his CIC yet bless him cut him some slack......... :roll:

    if i remember rightly you cant be mobilised for at least six months after CIC
    that is that came straight from the CO

    yeah not done cic going 10th march
    and it not just our platoon they looking for the volenteers from the entire regiment
  12. and your right you cant be compulsitor mobilized for six months but if you volenteer then nothin they can do

    other than not pick you if they being twisted
  13. im going in a few months so will be out there when you arrive

    you'll be overjoyed to know that you will be in time for the hottest time of the year. last time i was there it peaked at 63C.
  14. oh joy joy joy thanks fgor tellin me that going to make my year
  15. not to mention the flies, journalists, camel spiders, scorpions, snakes, journalists, as well as other hazards such as open sewers, journalists, pollution, human effluent, journalists, rotting roadkill, deranged traffic, corrupt police officers, normal human scum, journalists,insurgents etc......but i'm not gonna mention them :wink:

    oh and watch out for journalists. you just know your gonna do something "newsworthy" if theyre around :x