iraq take a laptop or not?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by whatnow?, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. :?

    Hi folks been to iraq but was early telic so dont know if its now worth it to take a laptop ?

    If so would it be better to get a basic one or would it be ok to take a decent one would they survive ?

    Mainly to watch dvds,to send the missus any emails, etc ,etc ( IF there is any downtime) is there any wireless access out there ?

    pm if not suitable for public view :twisted:

  2. If you search this site, you will find that there is a wireless connection in BAS and you can watch TV with the right adaptor. Put it inside a good quality plastic bag when you aren't using it. The dust is still as bad!

  3. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Last year, the Echos in BAS (now the COB) set up a wireless pay-as-you-surf system. Not sure if is still up and running though - someone more current to Telic can answer that. Very handy though - still subject to Op Minimise, but without all the pesky restrictions of DII.

    As for survivability - getting it into / out of theatre is the toughest job. Invest in a decent bag for it, and don't use the thing during sandstorms! :D
  4. Yes echoed although Wireless is not everywhere (whole camp) just certain locations.

    TV Card (or USB type thing) is all the rage though

    edited to add that the NAAFI on the COB is a hotspot
  5. :twisted: many thanks please excuse my laziness :oops:

  6. I read a while back how to hack a wireless network the C.I.A. did it in 60 seconds

    If you want to be a right cheap skate take a MacBook /apple laptop and you can hack any wifi network in about 60 seconds on a mac laptop has video showing how its done.

  7. Ignoring the above, I have it on good authority that the WiFi is fairly slow. However, there are good welfare intenet computers out here and there is a pay as you go type service as well - currently $65 for 25 hours. Depending on your unit, there are plenty of welfare tele's etc and I bought a Tesco value DVD player for 15 quid out with me.

    Some guys here have had their own laptops (same as for your purpose) for the whole tour and have had no problems at all, so its a pay your money, take your choice really. - if you bring one, make sure it's locked away when not in use though!
  8. Looks like a good case but they sell them in the EFI (NAAFI) at the COB. I cant remember the exact price but I'm sure it's less than 200 and that's american dollars, so dont buy in U.K. unless you're at least getting the tax off.

    Take Litotes advice and invest in a good quality poly bag! Dust is 90% of the problem.

    The other 10% is physical security. Having a laptop in a case like that just makes it more of an obvious target to steal, either the chogies who clean around the tents or other less scrupulous squaddies (shit happens). Again, a poly bag then secured in a metal box with a good lock would be much better.

    P.S. That Pelicases website is crap!
  9. take a photo of it before you go and in theater, keep all receipts - in case anything happens to it and you have to battle the insurance company. also make sure you get a copy of your policy, particularly if you have to pay extra for specific laptop insurance.