Iraq specific slang words needed for book.

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by matteo_d, Nov 7, 2005.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm writing a story, I don't want to go too much in to it but one of the characters is obsessed with the war in Iraq. I need some slang words used by the armed forces specific to Iraq. Actually, I need as many as possible. I have words from vietnam such as FNGs, DMZ, In Country and The World, i'm looking for similar words.

    Any help would be great. If any of the words maybe considered offensive and you don't want to post them on the forum, please feel free to Private Message me.


  2. Reptiles = Journalists
  3. ****=Journalists
  4. Come here often? :D
  5. Swagheads - thieving ragheads
  6. Dune Coon/ Sand Nigger = disgusting, racist, unprogressive and unacceptable term for towelheads.
  7. Territorial Army - cheap temp Agency.

    Regular Army - people without families or any desire to have any time off, ever.

    Q Store - big room with empty shelves

    "You'll Get it in Theatre" - same as "I won't c*m in your mouth and the cheques in the mail.

    MBE - automatic award for Majors.

    Rupert - moronic, chinless, public school educated types that never do any work, play polo riding on the back of starving Iraqis dragged from the street by brutal Paras and spend most of the time drinking pink gin served by Filipino virgins.

    R & R - 2 days travel, 1 day with the family and then 2 days travelling back.

    Telic Medal - sort of a cross between Father Christmas and Elvis. The youngsters believe and nutters claimed to have seen one.

    Dinger - chain smoking tw@t

    Vince -scapegoat
  8. Are we sure we want to supply this guy with words that could come up and bite us later on.

    ''SCUM journalist discovers evil un PC words used by nasty evil murdering squaddies to describe charming and totally peace loving inhabitants of gentle little IRAQ''

    leaps to mind.

    Please go and fish elsewhere Matt old fruit.
  9. Have no fear - i'm no journalist. (I can't stand them). I own my own fiancial services business and write as a hobby. It would be a shame if your post puts a seed of doubt in to people's mind because until your message they had been very helpful.


  10. I'm just a little older and a great deal more cynical. Perhaps the Media training makes me cautious.

    And I am a car salesman!
  11. choggies =locals
    Sneaky beakies = Any of the numerous special forces /inteligence types
    green fleet Army vechicles landrovers trucks not nesscarily painted green
    White fleet Civilian vechicles used by colation forces may be filled with sneaky beakies
    OSD operational standdown 2or 3 days off in kuwait what everyone looksforward too
    ied improvised explosive device a bomb
    vied vechicle improvised explosive device a car bomb or a sucide bomb
    uxo unexploded ordinance i.e bombs/grenades that didnt go off or are just left lying around unfired
    vcp vechicle checkpoint
    top cover The guys sticking there heads out of the landrovers on the news either to shoot at bad guys or spot bombs
    sangar / sangar duty a sentry postion / guard duty
    cant think of any other ones which are not in genral circulation
  12. GIFA (Great Iraqi Fu&% All) - Desert.
  13. Matt,

    Easiest way to do it - join up and actually go there.

    Woody - OSD - please don't tell lies to this poor civie, I think he is interested in facts, not fiction :)
  14. Clarkson/Gill have some good ones. They went there to get them!
    Hootch I am on your side!!
  15. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    What was that one again ?? Oh yeah I know that was where I got to escort others to/from. Bitter ? Me ? :?