Iraq. Sorry, no longer in support

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whiskybreath, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. No. Not worth the life of any British soldier, sailor or airman. The savagery there is a direct consequence of their culture and all of its deeply ignorant baggage, which for me is emphatically not worth defending, and especially not by British men and women. Let's get out, as quickly as we can. Any reason for the original war there is now far away in history, justified though it may have been.

    Oil is lovely, oil is nice, but it can be bought elsewhere, or after the savages have stabilised their savage and nasty society. I just don't want to have some foul socialist organisation such as Blair's and Brown's claiming that they did it all for me and mine. They didn't, and in their vanity they didn't forsee the consequenses. I'm sick of it all, and I don't want to see more obituaries.
  2. Hopefully Iraq won't be an issue for very long, if Gordon Brown knows what's good for his political career!
  3. Now let's look at it from Iraqi side. Gang of pale-faced foreigners break in a hotel in Basra, arrest and beat 7 men. One is killed with 50 wounds, broken nose and ribs. Locals regards this savagery as a direct consequence of their (e.g. your) culture... Say me franky, is cult of force a natural part of the Western civilisation?

    And what is the problem? You are living in a democratic country. Use freedom of speech, make a statement on TV, in newspapers (buy a newspaper or TV channell for this purpose if you please). Fund electoral campaign of your candidate to the parliament or/and make donation to political parties.
  4. As recently as a month ago I would have argued the toss over this....BUT

    I've lost a couple of mates in Iraq and a couple in Afghanistan and as upsetting as that was I dealt with it because as I saw it it's part and parcel of taking the Queen's shilling.

    For some, perhaps because I've had a really bad day for various reasons, I don't know..even though I didn't know them and I was a soldier not a crab the news of the 3 RAF boys who copped it in Basra reduced me to tears for a considerable length of time. I don't give a flying fcuk for the Arabs, racist? maybe, I don't care what anyone thinks of that, I've just had enough of seeing coffins draped in the UJ flying back to Brize. They don't want us there even though we're trying to help them (regardless of what the lefty cnuts think) so let's leave them to it. Their godforsaken countries aren't worth another drop of British blood...
  5. I never had been in support of either going into Iraq or Afghanistan, I only support our troops nothing else, while they are there.

    My take on this is that both countries IMHO are far better off killing each other over Religion, politics or drugs or "a way of life", they can do it at a far quicker rate than a foreign army ever could and that is great as there would be far less of the heathens to claim asylum over here.
  6. I have nothing but admiration for the way British troops have carried out their roles in this most heinous political folly. From the start, the politicians have lied, distorted the facts and delayed funding - British Servicemen have paid the price. The British (and many US) Armed Forces have shown great courage, restraint and often compassion when many other Nations wouldn't have. What other coutry would allow over 100 of its soldiers to be murdered without massive retaliation?

    Some people have tried to draw parallels with post-war Germany, Japan and the NI campaign. This is nonesense. Where we were successful in re-building those countries and fighting terrorism in case of NI, we had full support of most of the people and a legal mandate. There is litle support in Iraq and outward hostility from neighbouring countries.

    How many more must die because of Labour's vanity and lies. We must state the conditions and time-frame for an orderly withdrawel - then stick to it. We got out of India in a very short timeframe when the HMG lost patience with the whole situation. If Arab countries are concerned about de-stabilising the region, then let them put in a stabilising force -they are rich enough for God's sake.
  7. I doubt King George will ever understand what he started and as for his dog well he's out of it, even resigned from Parliment, makes consus Pilot look clean
  8. I wouldn't get too excited about the prospects for immediate withdawal from Iraq. The only official figures I have seen so far are a reductions to 5000 by the end of the year.

    The death and destruction will continue, that is for sure.
  9. Seconded. They made their fcuking bed, let them lie in it. :evil:
  10. Cow

    Cow LE

    Many people haven't believed in this since the crap the government came up with trying to justify their actions. However, as previously stated, we take the Queens shilling and we do her biding.

    I'll never regret going, just the reasoning behind the justification. In previous threads I've stated that the benifits of conflict can out weigh that of peace. I still stand by that but it doesn't mean I like the sight of C17's landing with a Chaplin waiting.

    Edit to add: There is no easy escape, hell knows what's going to happen. They can't look after themselves the way we want them too (why should they?), but I bet they do ok when we're not there. Their standards are different, leave them to it.
  11. Well said.

    The troops could then be used to eradicate muslim terrorists here in the UK.
  13. Totally agree
  14. No. Fuck them.
  15. Again - seconded!