Iraq Sniper Tapes Surface

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rumrunner, Feb 13, 2006.

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  1. bloody h ell !
  2. Yeah, I heard all about that.

    To be honest, I believe there are several snipers all of which are continuing the whole 'Juba' aura. I wouldn't be supprised if the Americans have already slotted several "jubbas" already....

    Gimmie a combat knife, I'd sniff him out easily. The muslim's adversion to good old British Bacon produces a rather distinctive feremone that is easily detectable to a highly tuned nose, such as mine.
  3. Bloody hell, is that with a SVD? Looks like a pro to me theres no way some little Muhamaded learnt how to use a rifle like that.
  4. That one was with a Drugunov SVD, yes.

    I believe another 'Juba' was rumoured to be using a "Tabuk" sniper rifle. Hence my theory that there are more than one.
  5. Any idea of range?

    It would have to be a bit off to avoid the Americans retaliatory shock and awe style return fire.
  6. I would assume, judging from those videos and other similar videos I have seen, that the shots are made 200-300 meters out (max). As the ex green beret sniper dude (the fat bald fecker) said, this guy was clearly a trained and/or clever man, good fieldcraft etc.
  7. I have a pile of these Juba video clips. T(he)y are filmed by a couple of different methods. In one you can see the graticule pattern with the didtinctive range finder from an SVD, in others the video is taken from next to the weapon, and in more it is taken from another perspective.

    Weapon wise, an SVD sounds right, there is one where tracer is used and I'm assuming an MG round is substituted. Theres some good shooting (ability wise) he hits a head shot with tracer at what appears well over a hundred meters, the tracer shows either cockiness or amateurish behaviour, I cant decide which, if anyone wants to see them, and has a way, drop me a line.
  8. They will learn.....just as the IRA did
    and there are enough unscrupulous and dishonorable people to teach them.

    Ironrations wrote "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun - Mao Tse-Tung"
    On the Wall in Belfast "God made Man - The Armalite made him equal"
  9. I don't know about the rest of you but I find watching squaddies get slotted rather distasteful. Not exactly on a par with cartoons of make believe gods is it?
  10. I dont find it satisfying. However I do find there is often a lesson to be learnt in each instance.
  11. ^^^

    Indeed. I don't think many people weigh in enemy snipers into the equasion anymore, what with the 21st century "digital battlefield" and all.....

    To see an enemy sniper, especially one who obviously knows what he's doing, is a welcome wakeup call. It should be.

    Time to roll out the coalliation sniper teams and get them hunting the bugger down sniper-on-sniper.
  12. Dosn't the SVD fire the same ammo as a PKM machine gun so is that why it will go though flak jackets?
  13. I agree. I'm not trying to incite fighting or anything, but someone needs to burn the beurocratic nonsense and send some specialist troops out without being labled as 'war mongerers' or anything.
  14. All I meant was, don't glorify this cnut any more than the web has already.