Iraq: Should We Have Just Changed Dictators?

Now I know that President Bush was after introducing democracy to Iraq and from there to the rest of the Middle East, but after how the place has turned out should we have perhaps simply supported getting rid of Saddam and installing our own strong man in his place? One prime candidate was the Defence Minister Sultan Hashim Ahmad al-Jabburi Al-Tai. Doesn't appear to be barking mad which would have been a great improvement, he 'remained popular with his troops, who admired his military bearing and plainspokenness' and was willing to work with the West at least in regards to keeping his guys alive. So, should we have not invaded at all but helped this guy or someone similar throw a coup, invaded and put a friendly benevolent dictator under our control in charge or invaded and not fucked up the post-invasion control and reconstruction efforts?
Or perhaps just kept looking for those pesky WMDs?

Another alternative would be to just let the place break up. It's pretty much inevitable anyway and there's no way it's going to happen without bloodshed so hold the ring and let 'em get on with it. The biggest problem, though, would be keeping their neighbours from steaming in with a carve-up.


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Once upon a time, Saddam was OUR dictator. Once upon a time, Mugabe was OUR dictator, and so the list goes on.

A change is as good as a rest, and the place might have done better simply for a change of head-shed. The problem would have been all that loverly oil revenue and oil-tax revenue.

A fairly peaceful handover would not have have made anywhere near the amount of money as a full blown fcuk up.

At least this way, everybody is in a win-win situation (apart from your average squaddie of course, and their families).
Saddam seemed to have vented most of his vileness in long past years and latterly things were pretty steady in Iraq under him.
The decade of suffering before the invasion was due to the sanctions placed on Iraq.
You can't just execute and replace someone as unique as Saddam with just anyone. Dictators of that calibre don't come two to the penny.
How arrogant we are in the West that we even attempted to impose our own ideology and Will on Iraq in such a brutal and overt manner.
Stupid US!

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