Iraq Reconstruction Medal

As you might have heard, HM the Queen recently approved the award of the new Iraq Reconstruction Service Medal to those that fulfil the eligibility criteria as set out by the Government. All very good, but for some reason LECs have been specifically excluded from receiving the award. Ive written to my MP about this (text below) and started an e-petition on the No 10 website ( which should go live in the next couple of days.

Given that what were then known as Levies were awarded the 1939-1945 Medal, I personally think the Government is being a bit stingy here. I know some LECs are pretty tonk but that's irrelvant really IMHO. Anyone got any thoughts on this?

Rt Hon Clare Short MP xxx
House of Commons xxx
London xxx
SW1 0AA xxx

05 March 2007

Dear Ms Short,

Iraq Reconstruction Service Medal

As you may be aware, approval was recently granted for the issue of the Iraq Reconstruction Service Medal to those people – mostly civilian workers – who have assisted with the reconstruction and transition to democracy in Iraq and who do not qualify for the military Iraq Medal.

Whilst I am sure that you will welcome this award, which recognises those who have assisted Iraq in a non-military capacity, I hope that you share my concern and disappointment that Locally Employed Iraqi Civilians (LECs) have been excluded from receiving the medal.

I served two tours of duty in Iraq and witnessed at first hand the contribution made by Iraqi LECs in every capacity - from cleaners to interpreters. During my time in theatre, a number of these workers were murdered by fellow Iraqis and those working inside Coalition camps faced the same dangers as any British person during rocket and mortar attacks.

In addition to the above, I believe that there is a precedent for awarding medals to LECs (or Levies as they were previously known). During my time working as a Caseworker for Lxxxx Jxxxx MP, I took up the case of an Iraqi asylum seeker whose solicitor had lost his father’s 1939-1945 Medal, which had been awarded for service as a civilian worker in Mesopotamia during World War Two. If the service given by Iraqi Locally Employed Civilians was deemed sufficient to merit the award of a medal during the Second World War, why is their service not seen by the FCO as worthy of an award during the current conflict in Iraq?

Surely the Government doesn’t see the service of British workers in Iraq as being of higher value than the service of LECs simply by dint of their nationality - especially given the fact that many LECs take their lives in their hands simply by taking up employment with the Coalition?

I should be grateful if you would let me have your views on this matter and if you would perhaps take it up with the relevant Minister. If nothing else, it seems that the Government is missing an opportunity to win friends and influence people.

Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Dxxxxx Cxxxxxxx
...... and don't forget the Iraqis who kept the CWGC sites in the best order they could, in spite of threats, intimidation and vandalism.


And the resupply guys. What about posthumous ones for those who have been killed such as the interpreters?

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