Iraq Receives T-72s & BMPs - With Another Armored Brigade Pl

T72'S are going to be useful against urban insurgents......Or maybe you hope that a re-born Iraqi Army will fight 'the good fight' for you and restore the Peacock Throne?
My first thought is why exactly do they need T-72's?

I can see the case for upgunned uparmoured BMP's , but why MBT's?

I will start to be seriously concerned if the IraAF take delivery of ex-Russian SU-25s, Ex-Indian/Russian Mig 29's , ditto Hind-D's
Surley it's so they can work in a US led coalition in carrying out a regime change in that terrorist supporting nation Iran!
Although the vehicles were donated, the cost of refurbishing and shipping them here was covered by Iraq's Ministry of Defense, which paid about $4.5 million. NATO handled much of the logistics of the effort. As part of its assistance to Iraq, the Alliance - through the NATO Training and Equipment Coordination Group - established at NATO Headquarters on October 2004 - is coordinating training and equipment provided by NATO countries to Iraq on a bilateral basis. To date, NATO has delivered some 26,000 light weapons, 200 RPGs, 10,000 helmets and more than 9.3 million rounds of ammunition to Iraq.

How about just a NATO exercise
How is it a NATO exercise? NATO aren't tasked to Iraq as NATO, or is there something you know we dont? 8O
Might aswell give em whatever they want so we can hurry up and get out. Wait 30 years then invade again. Atleast if we give em it we know what they have got!
Now, given the situation, which is better: split up the armour around the IA, which will render it less effective and be anti-doctrinal, or let them concentrate it in an armoured brigade knowing the risk that *enter faction here* will get control of it and go to the Green Zone with their new tanks?
At first I was a bit surprised to see they've bought tanks... as others have said shouldn't they be just worred about the counter-insurgency for now...

But then I saw the price... The tanks were donated so the cost was 77 tanks for 4.5 million dollars... a bargain and opportunity not to be missed.

Also, although most counter-insurgency operations don't require tanks the attack on Falluja and other strongholds did? So maybe the new Iraqi army are right to have at least a few tanks....

Trouble is they have noone to service them..nowhere to service them with the parts they don't have and noone competant trained to use them . Iraqis still have hundreds of slowly rotting tanks/armour up by Camp Phoenix N of Baghdad. Their armoured Bde there was less than 10% effective the last time I looked and that figure was pretty optimistic.

Nice headline news for the plebs but bugger all use to the New Iraqi Army.
tricam said:
But then I saw the price... The tanks were donated so the cost was 77 tanks for 4.5 million dollars... a bargain and opportunity not to be missed.
That's a very tasty 20% backhander to whoever brokered that deal.

whats the bets the tanks will arrive with the faint outline of 'Iraqi Republican Guard' insignia still visible.

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