Iraq: Real US plan unvieled, or tin-foil hat time?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Dec 3, 2006.

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  1. Ernst Stavro Rumsfeld stroking white cat

  2. Oooh, Betty! I think I done a whoopsie...

  1. The US military and foriegn policy establishment dealt with the then Yugoslavia throughout the 1990s. It's difficult to beleive they didn't see the uncanny parallels with Iraq before they went in there. Also, some of the post-invasion decisions, especially by Mr Bremmer, are very difficult to explain if the ultimate objective was a democratic, unified Iraq. However, if the ultimate objective was really to plunge Iraq into sectarian civil war and drag in Iran, Syria and Saudi, plunging the entire region into internecine fighting for decades and enabling the US to act as 'swing player' between the various sides while forcing the smaller but rich Gulf states to be dependent on US 'protection'. You could also see the recent shenanigans in Lebanon as part of this.

    Anyway, is this the Machiavellian truth, or do I need an extra-large roll of bacofoil?
  2. I think GW went to bed hoping for a wet dream and woke up to somebody cutting off his dick.

    I dont think he anticipated any of the consequences of his rash actions (he does not strike me as that smart.) So Andy, I suggest that tinfoil hat.
  3. It might be tin foil time but it also supplies the US and the Bliar Empire with an excuse to the current fiasco. **snigger**
  4. Bush's plans for the region don't really come into it, Without wanting to dress myself in tinfoil (clingfilm is more my style) He's a mouhtpiece for all the advisors that run his presideny for him. Rumsfeld saw it was going wrong and ran off to hide before the feacal matter enters the ventilation.

    But Im certain someone in the Administration ill be pleased to see the scenario in your post play itself out.
  5. Pillager said

    I have never been convinced that Bush is the "real" president of the US. He just does not seem to have that 'it' that has traditionally defined US presidents. Is he working for this people?

    BTW how do you clean a blood stain on a tinfoil hat? I seem to have got a splutter on mine.
  6. This article has several plans for Iraq, Plans C and D being especially cynical. Plan E being the simplest, leave the whole region, letting all the Arab countries fight between themselves until it burns itself out.

    Plan B for Iraq

    Since it is in the Armed Forces Journal it must reflect some of the thinking in the US Military.
  7. It is NOT a plan when it is inevitable it is going to happen one way or another.

    Good fairy-tale.

    So it is a bit strange that Sunni insurgents fight against their potential defenders.
  9. It definately is time to break out the tinfoil!
  10. Massive Saudi military intervention? :D :D :D