Iraq posed little or no threat

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tropper66, Jul 20, 2010.

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  1. Baroness Maningham-Buller just put the boot into Blair by saying that Iraq posed little or no threat to the UK as they had no capability to attack us.
  2. is there a link?
  3. But, but surely that woman is talking out of her hoop. After all, according to his Tonyness, Iraq could have launched WMD at UK interests in 45 minutes...

    BBC News - Tony Blair asked about WMD and the 45 minute claim

    Might as well accept the fact that 9/11 was an opportunity to spread western influence in the middle east, i.e. Iraq. Sadly that's come at a great cost to many lives, and the success of which is suspect at best.
  4. well done, youve managed to link it back to this page.
  5. Sorry I got it direct from the live feed so no linky thingy
  6. True, this was the regime that was such an awesome threat, they didn't manage to shoot down a single of our aircraft in a decade of us overflying them.
  7. Ah, but at the time he genuinely believed it was so. He'd put a great deal of effort into genuinely believing it, would have been a shame for it to all go to waste.
  8. Saddam Hussein the man who converted Blitzkrieg into trench warfare.

  9. The real shame is that the whole Iraq sideshow diverted our attention and resources from Afghanistan, where the resultant "reshow" is now that much harder and more costly in lives.
  10. Seems there is a fair bit of willy waving going on in the Security Services. The good lady poo poohed MI6s intelligence, saying it was incomplete.
  11. But that nasty Sadaam made Gwubyas daddy look stupid so he was a threat to Gwubyas family pride.!
  12. I note the following extract from the linked BBC article:
    Am I alone in finding Baroness Manningham-Buller's inability to recall discussing this matter with Blair strange if not downright unlikely, considering what happened during her tenure as MI5 supremo? Even being charitable, it would appear that her people dropped the ball.

    It strikes me that there is a good degree of self-editorialising with regards to her role. A lot of fancy verbal footwork to ensure that she lands on the right side of history.
  13. Which is why that grinning pig should be jailed.
    Bliar by name........
  14. She really put the boot in to MI6 the secret intelligence service that is clearly headed up/overseen by a bunch of politicised, sycophantic, arrse lickers.
    Did a great job on WMD boys, hope the promotions, patronage and heady scent of power was worth the sacrifice in Iraq, quagmire in Afghanistan and long term damage to our nation around the world.

    Pity about the objectivity your service used to be known for.