Iraq PM urges speedy US pullout

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jul 27, 2005.

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    Straw , clutch etc etc
  2. An attempt to appease the insurgents/ angry iraqis, without any real consequences/action?

    Must be learning from tone :roll:
  3. Iraq getting antsy over sucking on the US and wants America to pull out before having to swallow...

    This is all posturing, isn't it?.. makes them look good in the eyes of the others in the region by showing they're ' independent ' etc., but no timetable so that , as long as insurgents are blowing stuff up, it will be American troops getting hit not Iraqis..doesn't stop the problem of insurgents hitting cop shops and recruiting centres, though...
  4. Or a fig leaf for America to finally get the hell out of Dodge?
  5. Or maybe the Iraqi PM feels that the presence of foreign troops in his country is causing most of the current trouble ? The locals will stop supporting imported jihadis and either kick them out or slot them. All he's got to do then is avoid the civil war ...
  6. what do the yanks do now make somthing up about the Iranians and turn to the east and crack on whilst we secure Afgan!! Does that sound like a plan or does that sound like a plan??


    PS god I am getting Jaded
  7. From Thursdays Telegraph
    "Blair pledge to get forces out as soon as possible
    By George Jones, Political Editor
    (Filed: 28/07/2005)

    Britain wants to hand over military control in Iraq as soon as Baghdad's forces are ready to take control of security, Tony Blair said yesterday.
    Ibrahim al-Jaafari, the transitional prime minister, called for a swift withdrawal of US troops - something America's senior general in Iraq indicated could begin next spring."

    Just what WE will leave behind does worry me.
    I still say that now Britian is inheriting the seeds it sowed in the 1920's. Does Blur know what he has sown for the future ?
  8. I'm not shure how BLiar's take on the situation squares with this from the MoD:

    Clutching at straws is one thing, but this is either symptomatic of serious lack of co-ordination in MB, or the politicans are lying to us. Hmmmm....decisions, decisions.....

    The story is here.