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Iraq neighbours urge US pullout


Iraq and its neighbours have said the US-led occupation forces must withdraw from Iraq as soon as possible.
At an unprecedented regional summit in Kuwait, they also urged the UN to play a greater role in post-war Iraq.

Iraq also said it would press the US to hand Saddam Hussein over after the transfer of power and to change his prisoner of war status to face trial.

Meanwhile, top US administrator in Iraq Paul Bremer said Washington was open to new ideas on the transfer of power.
Say what?

"Hello Pickfords? Paul Bremner here, I need a quote to move some goalposts"
is this they americans running away and leaving someone else to pick up their peices

Meanwhile, top US administrator in Iraq Paul Bremer said Washington was open to new ideas on the transfer of power.
It all seems a bit rich - when calling for support of the war the Spams turned round and basically said to the UN: 'we're going ahead, whether you support us or not.'
Now that they've realised they're in it for the long haul, they seem desperate for other countries to pile in and take some of the financial burden off.
My attitude would be 'you created this mess, you clean it up'
My biggest gripe at the moment is that UK contractors seem to be sidelined in favour of US companies with regard to the rebuilding of Iraq'a infrasructure.
I rather like the idea of the various non-muslim African and Asian states taking on the problem, but bearing in mind the sources of their ready cash it would still be the US and EU (mainly UK) taxpayer funding the tom on the ground. Just another politician getting his profile in the papers as he bravely visits his troops at the front. Or three.

Don't think, by the way, that UK organisations aren't getting their snouts deeply into the trough along with the US big businesses; JVs with Saudi, Kuwaiti and other Gulf (and US) businesses will bring in lotsa bucks - but probably to Luxembourg and the Caymans rather than Luton.

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