Iraq Militias strike US convoy

The incidents are the latest attacks on US forces still in Iraq, believed to be being carried out by militias loyal to Saddam Hussein.

This is starting to grip me, as we seem to be taking our news straight from Fox.

These units , have been referred to as "terrorists" and "Pro-Saddam militas" , possibly because the term "Resistance fighter" or "Iraqi Army elements" is too glamourous and heroic?  What evidence is there, that these people are fighting for Saddam? There don't seem to be too many of the locals carrying placards saying "Bring Saddam back"

The Americans have to face the facts, they don't like you being there, and have organised resistance to it.

Can anyone remember the Iraqi Government signing a surrender? More importantly, was there a formal declaration of war in the first place?

Bush declared the War , or at least a phase of it over. Possibly to reinforce the feeling this was a quick and surgical action.  The US media is pumping out how happy everyone is , to be rid of Saddam.

meanwhile, the burka is being enforced, beauty salons are closing and females are being discriminated against.

I'm sure Iraq was a secular entity 3 months ago, and now thanks to the current US administration, we're forcing it straight into year zero. When everything is going to ratshit around you, you will gravitate to the strong and secure voice, which in this case, is your local extremist Koran puncher.

Get local moderates in control now, before we see GW3


War Hero
Yep, the Yanks really do have an uncanny knack for fckuing it up, it's a real talent.

And our favourite arssehole, Blair, is taking us along for the ride, mind you, it is in character for him.
All sounds too familar:
Big aggressive stance.
Face down riots with rifles and pistols.
No contact with the local population, except to buy and  sell.
Impose values that are fine in Texas but shi'ite in a none-western country.
Bomb the ring-piece  out of a place and go in with nothing of any use (like medicine, food, water, amenities).

The Brits have learned the hard way and have been successful (usually).  So why don't they just ask?

We seem to be getting like the US day by day.  Perhaps we need to learn the lesson?