Iraq. Militants take back Mosul, Tikrit and march on Baghdad

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 2/51, Jun 12, 2014.

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  1. not so sure about that. But then there's a precedent for that, it just precedes the UN.
  2. The following story discusses more details on the referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan. Kurds approve independence in referendum, setting up showdown with Iraq

    Voter turn out was 72 percent. Of those, 92 percent voted in favour of independence.
    Baghdad has demanded that foreign governments close their diplomatic missions in Erbil. The story did not elaborate on how that may complicate things for countries which have been basing their operations against IS from there.
    Baghdad also on Wednesday suspended international airline flights to and from Erbil and Sulaimaniya. Only domestic flights operated by Iraqi carriers will be allowed to operate there.
    Iraq has called the referendum unconstitutional. An additional complication is that it was held not only on KRG territory, but also on certain adjacent areas of Iraq.
    The Iraqi parliament requested that the government send troops to Kirkuk (under control of the Kurds, but outside the KRG) to take control of the oil fields.
    The story notes additional complications with Kurdish relations with Turkey, Iran, Syria, and Russia, but I won't go into those here.

    The potential for conflict is obvious, but the outcome is not. The Kurds are in a poor geographical position to take advantage of independence without the backing of at least one of their neighbouring states. It would doubtless be interesting to speculate on who might see an advantage to doing that.
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  3. Here we go. Kirkuk is the key.
  4. Always was, whoever hold the oil holds power. Backfired a bit hasn't it.
  5. Hundreds of suspected Islamic State militants surrender in Iraq - source
    Talking of Kirkuk, loads of IS fighters and civilians have surrendered to Pesh forces near Kirkuk:
    Over 1,000 men, many of which will be IS fighters:
    Al Qaim and the surrounding area along the Syrian border are the last strongholds of IS in Iraq:
    Al-Qa'im (town) - Wikipedia
  6. Hope it's a little local falling out.

  7. The company I am working for is currently drilling in Erbil and watching the Kirkuk situation closely. Although we only have 16 expats in country the situation is becoming more complex and we may be forced to shut down the rig and evacuate. This will be a last resort as shutting down the rig and restarting is very expensive and time consuming - plus we would lose trained key personnel during the shutdown as they would go to work elsewhere. Also an issue is getting rotational staff in and out as Turkey stopped issuing Visas to US citizebs to travel out via Sirnak / Istanbul. the Baghdad/Basra routes still open with IA but getting MEEV is slow. I would be grateful for links to reliable websites that are keeping abreast of the situation or for further posts as above which are very useful. Many thanks.
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  8. Iraq says vast areas taken from Kurds in Kirkuk, Kurds deny gains
    Claims and counter claims with the US (who has supplied arms to both sides), calling for calm:
    Iraqi forces advancing from Taza (S of Kirkuk):
    IRGC support:
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  9. Tears before bedtime?
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  10. Kirkuk oil, gas production proceeding normally despite military operation - Iraqi official
    Might be worth getting this confirmed:
  11. Yes, there are mixed messages coming out of the Ministry for Natural Resources (MNR). The biggest problem for us is the insecurity of entry/exit routes. Some guys on 28/28 rotation have already worked double hitches and are getting concerned about further tightening of borders. If the drilling operation becomes unsafe due to crewing concerns then suspension of operations may be where it ends up. Starting back up will be a PITA though.
  12. Iraqi forces seize Kirkuk from Kurds in bold advance
    Reports that Kirkuk has fallen. Light resistance. Casualty figures not provided. Kurdistan flag removed. Iraqi flag hoisted. Seems predominantly Iraqi CT units which led the fight in Mosul. Some people are happy:
    Some people are not so happy:
    US concentrating on IS:
  13. Iraqi forces take control of Bai Hasan, Avana oil fields after Kurdish pullout
    More oilfields taken according to Iraqi sources. Seems the Kurds are complying with the agreement and not letting them become part of any battleground;
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  14. 100,000 Kurds flee Kirkuk since Iraqi army takeover - Kurdish officials
    Nearly ten percent of the population (1M+) of Kirkuk are alleged to have left since its take over by the Iraqi (read Popular Movement units), fearing reprisals;
    Iraq says Police backed up by CT units are providing protection. Sunni Kurds make up the largest community in Kirkuk: