Iraq. Militants take back Mosul, Tikrit and march on Baghdad

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 2/51, Jun 12, 2014.

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  1. Both the Iraq and the Afghan adventures were total screw-ups.
    Nobody remembered their principles of warfare or thought through the various possible scenarios.
    Selection and maintenance of the aim....... does that ring a bell?
    Massive loss of blood, treasure and resources...... for what?
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  2. I'm not sure Blair can take sole responsibility. Maybe Saddam for invading Kuwait or saying he's going for WMDs and stopping IAEA inspections? Maybe us for demarcation lines after the Ottoman empire? Maybe the Kurds themselves for having the audacity to want their own homeland?
    Dunno tbh. Which Boeing issue?

  3. No the thing cracked and went off note. I suspect there's not a few on here would agree.
  4. Oh yes he can, at least for the British side as PM- but it wasn't ever for "regime change" was it. What was it again from Bush something about contracts only for the participants- now the participants have decided to buy russian, let's kick back at our erstwhile allies and kill off the Bombardier project. They just shrug the knives out of their backs. After all, "and Brutus is an honourable man" Abstruse I know. And as to the Kurds -disgraceful I know- how bloody dare they?:D
  5. Wonder which 'Murrican frim will get the contracts to rebuild all those flattened villages, town and cities across Iraq and Syria. Large swathes look rather like Germany did in the post WW2 years.
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  6. I guess you and I will have to agree to disagree then. Not a problem for me. Not that I like him in any way, just him being blamed for something that has had historic problems for hundreds of years.
    :) They could've at least waited until IS is removed from their control of areas in iraq and Syria .......
    Shouldn't Russia cough up for everything in the west of Syria? East being shared between Russia and the US? The EU has promised money, but only if the UN Resolution is applied.
  7. With the greatest of respect, there were other ways of skinning a cat, but that said it would take the UN to man up and have some balls and exclude those countries which have signed up to the UN conventions and failed to adhere to them- not least a country not a million miles away from the conflict zone and in charge of "Humanitarian affairs". That of course would have it's own risks attached. A NCND bullet through the napper at the appropriate time would have saved trillions. Instead we've had a point to point handicap with predictable results.
  8. Wot like Russia should have paid for partial reconstruction of Eastern Europe. Russia doesn't work like that. It does the damage and we pay- that's anti capitalism. It means that money squandered on rebuilding can't be aimed at them
  9. That's the problem. The UN never agreeing. The only time it has, China was represented by Taiwan and Russia was having a hissy fit.
    They've said they'll help reconstruct in Syria. So far all I've seen is fresh posters of Assad. Maybe... in time
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  10. A funny for the first part.
    Yers that'll go down well all that state aid from the US and the Russians winning in the end. Wonder where Russia will find the money- I know China:)
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  11. They agreed in 1990 over the Kuwait invasion.
    12 resolutions passed, with only Cuba & Yemen occasionally abstaining or voting against.
  12. and that's when it should have been finished.
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  13. The world would be a different place if they had.
    Unfortunately the UNSC would never have authorised it.
  14. Agreed, principle ones being 660 with 678 and the 15.01.1991 get out or be removed. I understand China was a bit busy with the after effect of Tienanmen Square and the USSR was about to break up ie Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Armenia and Georgia all choosing other parties, Yeltsin resigning from the Communist party etc.