Iraq. Militants take back Mosul, Tikrit and march on Baghdad

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 2/51, Jun 12, 2014.

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  2. I can indeed see that being valid but I doubt it applies to all of them, maybe I'm wrong I don't know. We have some here who aren't even keeping themselves under the radar and are as gobby now as they were before they left. No doubt drawing in others with their brand of poison. MI5 can try and keep them all under surveillance but to quote at the old adage it only takes one to by lucky. Personally I have a problem with those, who as far as I can see have probably committed an act of treason, being allowed back. Wonder how long it will be before some kind of compo claim is fabricated.
  3. Makes sense. Our combined security services, UK plus others, haven't exactly being sitting still while all this has been going on so I would expect some kind of evidence to (maybe) be available and thats after the ones have been ruled out that MI5 wants to follow around for a bit to see who else they may lead to.
  4. That's a double assume = definite.

    I don't even know where one would start a body count (Daesh, civ, both, indeterminate?) in a conflict like this... :sad:
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  5. The basic problem is that we cannot stop people travelling out of their respective countries unless there is a court order preventing them from doing so. The hard evidence on camera is required that they are participating, but the mere fact that they are travelling to an unstable vicinity gives rise to speculation, which ain't enough. But the intelligence people can only deal with known facts. If they return on a British passport they can't be prevented from re-entering. They have to be landed to be arrested.

    The thing about anti smuggling work is it's surprising broad range of interests and frequently we were the first people to see the evidence of people's intentions but could only refer to relevant authorities as these were not "assigned matters". What we've seen is the rise and rise of tech as opposed to a drop in people in the job and a failure of politicians to understand what can be achieved by mere preventive measures.
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  6. Tavor

    Tavor On ROPs

    This is a very concerning indication of the problem Islam really poses to the UK, not Iraq - with 'professionals' from that faith who are supposed to save and preserve lives going off to join an organisation which goes out of it's way to destroy lives in the name of their religion.
  7. ....and that's never happened before has it? It does indicate a certain naivete on the part of the well educated elite. There are alternatives operating under red cross, UN or MSF. Do they actually believe they can fundamentally change the mentality of ISIS?
  8. Tavor

    Tavor On ROPs

    They are not trying to change the mentality of ISIS, they are implementing it.
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  9. The question was rhetorical
  10. Mosul victims treated for chemical agents as displacement accelerates
    More suspected use of chemical agents by IS in Mosul:
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  11. U.S.-backed Iraqi forces capture al-Hurriya bridge in Mosul, spokesman says
    Al-Hurriya bridge now taken. One of the five over the Tigris and Iraqi forces now hold the western end, the eastern having previously been taken last year:
    Mosul train tunnel reveals assault course for elite Islamic State fighters
    Train tunnel used by IS for training. I think they need to get the pictures out of pink duvet covers featuring Mickey Mouse. I believe it may have been stolen ie 'liberated' but it would be nice to put out on media their love for soft western comforts:
  12. The following is a story on Yazidi refugees from Iraq in Canada. The government has been bringing Iraqi Yazidi refugees to Canada under a special program that is separate from that involving Syrian refugees.
    'We came for safety': Newly arrived Yazidis eager to leave behind horrors of ISIS and start life in Canada

    The story is too detailed to summarise adequately, but it is based on interviews with Yazidi refugees who have arrived in Canada. After reading their accounts of their experiences at the hands of IS, it's pretty hard to have any sympathy for IS members should they get their just deserts and meet a sticky end.

    The interviews are with newly arrived Yazidis in London Ontario, which is a medium sized city about 150km south west of Toronto. There has been a Yazidi community there for decades, so it won't be surprising if a large proportion of the newcomers end up there as well.

    The article is worth reading in full.
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  13. Islamic State leader Baghdadi abandons Mosul fight to field commanders, U.S. and Iraqi sources say
    Run away! Where al-Baghdadi has run away to is anyone's guess, albeit their position after Mosul and Raqqa fall will be interesting:
    E2A: Iraqi forces see off Islamic State attack, seize road out of Mosul
    IS counter attack repulsed. Last road out of Mosul apparently now cut:
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  14. It is a moral boosting tactic ... Either that or they are a badly trained, undisciplined, shower who will never change their ways no matter how many dollars are thrown at them? Delete as applicable ...
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  15. I wonder what would happen if he'd claim asylum over here, and claimed to be a persecuted minority
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