Iraq/Middle East Security Contracts

Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by topgun2010, Feb 15, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    Is anybody aware of any companies offering 1-year security contracts in Iraq or the Middle East? If so, roughly what experience do they ask for?


  2. You'll struggle find contracts that last for a set time for individual employees. Usually you will stay on the task for as long as the comany have the contract with the client, after which you may be cut loose, you could be redeployed to another. You could have ajobs for years, you could have a job for weeks, it is the companys contract with the client that will normally dictate the length of your employment. You will get a year long contract, with a clause saying that either the company or you will can terminate it with x number of weeks notice for any reason. When the contract with the client comes to an end, they give you x weeks notice and your contract also ends.

    Regarding qualifications and experience. It varies greatly. The best qualification is knowing someone who is willing to put their name to you within the company. It is a hugely competitive industry, if it is something that you are new to (which is what I am assuming in this post), then I would advise you to put it on the back burner and look for something steadier.
  3. Considering you were in Phase 2 in Blandford in January I would suggest that you may need a bit more experience!
  4. I was told- Rank ofCpl at least.
    3 x Iraq/Afgan tours
    25+ old.
    I have all 3 and have been looking for work for 6 weeks and nothing, if you left Phase 2 in Jan, good ******* luck. You will be a better man than i if you get squared.
  5. Thanks, just thoughts for the future.