Iraq Medal March 2003

Not sure where to go with this, but here is the brief history.
My best civie mate (best man at my wedding, and the type of guy that turns up at my gaff at 17.45 most days after work to see if what I've got for tea might be more appealing than his etc). Anyway, his older brother was a Ssgt with the RLC, an ATO, who tragically lost his life on 31st March 2003 whilst on an ordnance clearance operation.
I know the usual qualifying criteria for the Iraq medal, and understand that you serve 30 days to earn your gong, however, I have heard somewhere that you qualified immediately if your service was terminated by death regardless of length of time served in country. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?
I would like to find out about this, as I think it would be a nice touch for the family to receive his medal on the 10th anniversary next year, and for the benefit of his son, who would have something to cherish and a fantastic reminder of what a wonderfull man his dad was. Any help or advice on where to go with this would be a huge help.


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In normal circumstances, if you are killed in action, or aeromed'd out of Theatre, then you automatically qualify for the relevant Campaign Medal.

That said, you'd have to check the criteria for the TELIC medal. I'm a bit surprised that the family hasn't had the medal already, to be honest. Perhaps check with the relevant Regimental Association? It's not unknown, I'm afraid, for a medal to be sent to the 'wrong' person - divorced spouse, etc.
Thanks, I have heard of that sort of thing happening before, but in this case there were no previous spouses etc, maybe it was just an oversight that has until now, gone unnoticed.
OS is of course correct and just to confirm, the medal warrant for the Iraq Medal states:

If qualifying service is brought to an end before the completion of the specified qualifying period on account of death, wounding or other disability due to operational service, the reduced period of service shall be sufficient qualification for the award of the Iraq medal.
The clasp should also be due in this case.
Selectvestry, yes they have been given the Elizabeth Cross and Scroll, that was presented in Kineton earlier this year, its just the medal that has never been awarded.

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