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Iraq Is Tony Blair's Pension Plan

I admire them for being forthright and speaking what about what they percieve. No doubt this bunch of charlatans will scramble around demanding a public apology for sullying the dear leaders name.

So if we do start to take mounting BW casualities, what will happen? What wil the public demand? Will this bunch of liars listen?
He is also trying to mould his place in the history books as an international statesman

Remind anyone of a bearded individual who ruled a desert kingdom not too far away from kuwait until he pissed of a certain redneck?

Agent smith
Can't help wishing I had a few bob invested in the Carlyle group. Pity it all has to go on keeping the rapacious family fed, but there you go.

Just reading some of this and that, and the reported bypasing by McColl of the the chain of command (if that's what has been happening? That seems guaranteed to sow dissention among the people), I really have the dreadful feeling that on the day the first casualty from the BW takes place, Blair and his gang will take an even bigger hit; when the second one happens, he's in deep, deep political trouble.......

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