Iraq-Is the military pulling the politicans out of the pooh?

:?: Is it just me or is it once again the military who are pulling the politicians out of the pooh? They get us in to a war under false pretences and then when it all goes wrong – as it is now – we poor buggers are told to go and sort it all out. I may be wrong but does anyone else hold similar views?

What is new? dug Thatcher out of the sh*t in '82 (anyone remember the Nott Review?) Blair during Foot and Mouth Crisis and Fireman's strike. In fact, I would go as far to say that every time the Forces have been called in to "aid the civil powers" it is because the politicians at a national or local level have f*cked things up through inaction or incompetency.
Here is a debating point: During the sixties, if the devolved government in NI had been a bit less hidebound, don't you think there was at least a chance that we could of avoided the last 35 years of cr*p in the Province?
Conscript Euan Bliar and the Bush twins (they'd all like the alcoholic lifestyle) and see how many wars our Glorious Leaders start then!

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