Iraq is lost and Mr Blair is frozen in denial.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EAGLE1, Nov 23, 2006.

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  1. The argument is over -Iraq is lost.

    It is time to think of the women and children in that chaotic country.
    There must be a way to establish an air corridor to evacuate the men women and children who are desperate to leave.

    I really did think that Mr Blair had a deeply thought out cunning plan.
    Damn it all -it is clear now that the fool does not know what to do next.
    He never knew that this shit was going to hit the fan. Because he has never been to girl guides never mind served in the military.

    I knew the outcome of this stupid invasion before it had begun. Yet like many others I hoped and prayed that I was wrong, wrong, wrong.
    Now is the time for all Military commanders to ignore the foolish, ignorant plans from Tony Blairs team of idiots. Face facts he's got his head in the sand.

    Of course the man wants to claim a victory. Yet this is far more serious than when Margaret Thatcher wanted to stick with the poll tax. She was removed swiftly and quietly- so whats wrong with the movers and shakers at the top now. Why the constant deafening silence?
    This is thousands and thousands of innocent lives-men women and children suffering on all sides of the slaughter.

    Britain has never been a nation to stand back and watch the slaughter. I can only hope that there will be a final intervention to help the innocent civilians escape this hell on earth.
    In my oppinion there is no chance of a new plan or new change of direction there is only common sense which says save the innocent lead them to safety and get the fck out quick.

    So come on Great Britain where is that damned leader who is going to get in the ring and get a hold on the reins of Britain and pull this situation out of this shite pit. There must be someone out there who can sought this mess by acting swiftly to save the lives of the innocent. So come on Britain needs you now.
  2. Do you think by pulling out the slaughter will stop?
  3. Really? What would it take assetwise to transport house and feed a sizeable portion of Iraq's 26 MILLION population?
    Where would you move them to? Which country/ies would accept an influx on that scale?
    Who will pay the bill at the end of the day?
    Define innocent?
    Great idea in theory but fatally flawed I'm afraid.
  4. It was time to think of the women and children of Iraq before sanctions were imposed back in the 1990s. Your comment is years overdue
  5. Are you really French?
  6. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Where do you want to fly them to?

    You are a complete chopper methinks.....
  7. EAGLE 1 - We are not standing back and watching the slaughter in Iraq - if that is what you think our men and women are doing over there then you really are as naive as your post suggests.
  8. Great Britain and America have caused the instability and destruction in Iraq by removing the despot Saddam hussein.
    I have heard Tony blairs arguments that the chaos has been caused by Iranian insurgents. Total and utter bollockks.

    we have helped to cause massive trauma to the people of Iraq we must now do something to fix it. I am certain that Tony Blair just wants to cover his tracks until he departs for good. Do not rely on him to help put this mess straight as he has 'in effect'- already gone.

    Military commanders must step up and take action to help the remaining people escape the carnage. It seems to me that Iraq is out of control and now totally unmanageable. Tony Blair does not care about the long term solution he just wants to get to the end of his time in office. So to rely on him to sought out this mess is a terrible mistake.

    I think Saudi Arabia could help by opening it's borders to the displaced.
    We have a good relationship with their people.
    The civilians could be transported in their thousands. yes it is a logistical nightmare-yet we must not just keep observing the deteriorating situation -simply hoping that the killing will stop.

    If we could only accept the failure we could move swiftly on and take action to save thousands of lives. If this is still called Naive by the masses then Great Britain has in my opinion really sunk to horrific new depths of inhuman behaviour. 8O

    Come on Britain we can save thousands of Iraqi people who do not want to live like this, come on -just do it.
  9. Oh and before someone says you are just a foolish observer here is a sworn promise-Give me general Dannatt a jeep and a helicopter.
    Get me to Iraq give me some of the British Army and I swear on my life I will save a few thousand lives. Go on test me I dare you
  10. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Not fcuking likely ********!

    If you are so keen why dont you go there on your own? Or with your like minded friends (if you have any)?

    Look forward to seeing to getting your head chopped off on the Al Jez channel.
  11. you fucking mong. If that's how you feel, join the Army, who the fuck do you think would just give you "General Dannatt, a jeep and a helicopter"?

    Now shut the f*ck up, you haven't a clue what you are talking about. Chopper!

    Cheers Easy!
  13. Eagle1, I'm sure you are a well meaning person, but I have to say that I agree with the vast majority of my serving comrades on here and I have to agree that you are very naive at best, a fcuking chopper at worst.
  14. Were the hell did you copy and paste this crap from eagle1.

    Wake up and smell the coffee its not as easy as just flying in loads of aircraft and taking these people from there homes. They may hate what is happening to there country but i'm sure there are alot of iraqis that dont want to leave there home land, not matter what state it is in.

    As others have said if you want to make a difference then put your name where your mouth is and sign up to one of the forces and dont just talk about it.
  15. Words fail me.