Iraq invasion had no legal basis in international law

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RhodieBKK, Jan 26, 2010.

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  1. Telegraph reporting
    The invasion of Iraq had no "legal basis in international law",
    the senior government lawyer Sir Michael Wood has told the Chilcot inquiry.
    Chilcot Inquiry

    It looks as tho Straw deserves to be recalled for some further questions.

    Chilcot Live Feed
  2. As any Captain that has done MA Module B will be able to tell you!
  3. How will this affect the servicemen who refused to fight? IIRC an RAF doctor got a couple of years for refusing to RSVP to Tony's invite to the party in Iraq. There were others too.

    No obligation to obey an illegal order if my memory serves.
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    The question, the real, underlying question, especially for anyone who was out in Iraq on TELIC is -

    So what? How does this affect anything?

    My suggestion - it does not. It means nothing, and will have no impact on anyone, apart from possibly a lot of people who will (justifiably) say "I told you so".

    The dogs bark, but the caravn moves on...............
  5. Thursday and Friday will both be interesting with Mr Chilcot.

    Friday for Blair but Thursday in particular for Lord Goldsmith who told TCB that it was legal. I suspect that he'll be an insufferable prick.
  6. To state the bloody obvious!! :lol:
  7. Well won't that just clogg up the courts with compo claims - " Your tank killed my camel!"
  8. Watched it this morning and Wood said the view of FCO and MOD lawyers was that any soldiers who participated were entirely in the clear because Goldsmith had said the invasion was legal.

    Wood's view was unequivocal though, in his opinion (and the opinion of the FCO) the invasion was not legal under international law.


    AM: Apologies, I misread your question somehow.
  9. Shared a flat with Bliar, it had to rub off..........
  10. And if he wasn't sunk to the nuts in Tony then, he certainly was in 2003!
  11. Simples. If the various bits of government can't agree on the legality of a particular action why the heck should the populace?
  13. But according to the BBC he said:

    Sir Michael said he had always made it clear that it was ultimately up to Lord Goldsmith to advise ministers on whether war was lawful.

  14. And Goldsmith knew it was illegal under UN treaty to which we were signed up…

    "…serious consequences…" - NOT OK to go to war.

    "...all necessary means…" - OK to go war.

    Resulution 1441 did not state "...all necessary means…"
  15. The rationale for Lord Goldsmith's opinion that 1441 provided casus belli was viewed with incredulity within legal circles by everybody but him.