Iraq Inquiry

Two thinks happened today that put this thought in my head.

A programme today on Radio 4 about a just war (in general) and as part of the programme was an interview with a BA MajGen (missed the name).

The withdrawal from Iraq by the British army.

I seem to remember that the government was to hold and inquiry into the reason for going to war after the troops had come home. I know we still have a training mission. With the government failing and the chances of them being in power this time next year will they hold this inquiry on their terms or will the next government have to do it? Or are they hoping that with all the other items in the press we will forget and concentrate on the constitutional red herring.

Or is it still too soon 6 years after?

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An enquiry should have begun in earnest when the Government's reasons for sending us there were exposed as false. I for one want to know why so many brilliant men (and women) died.
They did promise an inquiry when all troops had returned, but does that include the training mission. Was this just a delaying technique.

Will they put it off till the next war or hope that the new government will not have the power/interest in scoring point on an opposition that is too weak or insignificant.

The question is;

Is this another promise they do not intend to keep?


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It'll be put off at least until after the next General Election thats for sure. Means that the politicos responsible can scurry off to find new rocks to hide under.

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