Iraq Inquiry Update

As mentioned on another post, the lists of witnesses will be released shortly.

However, there is still ample opportunity for serving and ex-serving to make representations to the Inquiry. Some veterans have written in, and some have turned up to public sessions (but not very many as these may have been rushed)

Chilcott has issued a statement.

In particular:

Invited anyone who wants to make points about the conflict, relevant to our terms of reference, to contact us. We have received a substantial response to that request and will consider all the material submitted. We continue to welcome contributions as our work progresses either through our website – – or in writing to 35 Great Smith Street, London, SW1P 3BQ.

We will, however, begin during this first phase of public hearings to take evidence about thematic issues that are emerging as of interest to the Inquiry, including military equipment, military and civilian personnel issues, the key decisions taken and their rationale, the legal basis for military action, the development of government policy and the communication and implementation of those policies.
I submitted a written statement, some 3-4 pages and received a positive response back.

Thank you for your submission to the Iraq Inquiry. You have raised a number of points regarding the planning for the invasion and the process of ensuring the right equipment was available via the UOR system. These will be passed onto to the Committee to help inform their investigation and analysis of the Iraq campaign.

First hand accounts of both the planning process and the invasion itself are a vital part of the information base the Committee is now building up, both through written submission and meetings with veterans of the Telic campaign which the Committee have held over the last few weeks. As such they are very grateful for very thorough and informative submission.
This is probably the only opportunity to make issues known and try and identify the lessons for the future (until the Afghanistan inquiry anyway!

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