Iraq Inquiry: cost for Blairs appearance up to £250,000

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RhodieBKK, Jan 25, 2010.

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  1. He's just the fellow who keeps on taking....

    However with the Torygraph citing the Mail, it will be interesting to see if this is just ranting hysteria or not...
    Blair's Cost

    Tony Blair’s appearance at the Iraq Inquiry will cost the taxpayer up to £250,000 in security fees.

    Thousands of anti-war protesters and Muslim extremists are expected to line the streets outside the inquiry in protest against his decision to invade Iraq. Intelligence officers are also reported to have picked up “domestic chatter” suggesting his appearance warrants a high state of alert.

    Police will set up road blocks, exclusion zones, and deploy teams of armed officers and rooftop surveillance teams. The operation will cost at least £150,000 and could reach £250,000 depending on the number of protesters, according to the Daily Mail.

    It comes after the Government raised the level of terrorist threat from “substantial” to “severe” following the Christmas Day attempted plane bombing.

    Mr Blair will be questioned by the inquiry panel, led by retired civil servant Sir John Chilcot, over suspicions he misled Parliament on the reasons for going to war before MPs narrowly voted in favour of military action.

    Stop The War campaigners claim Mr Blair's appearance at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster will reignite calls for him to be tried for war crimes.

    Several witnesses, including the former Cabinet Secretary Lord Turnbull, have suggested that Mr Blair was intent on regime change in Iraq from the spring of 2002 onwards, and used Saddam Hussein's supposed stockpile of weapons of mass destruction as a smokescreen to justify military action.

    Mr Blair will also be questioned on why he claimed intelligence had “proved beyond doubt” that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction while some witnesses have said the facts did not support this.

    Last year it emerged that Mr Blair is running up a bill of at least £6 million a year by using a security team bigger than the current Prime Minister's.
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

  3. Jail him for 20 years and use the savings to buy helicopters???
  4. Perhaps putting a cap on police spending - say a generous £20K -
    and then let the smoothy meet & greet those who have come to see him "perform".
    For once it may be interesting if the Mail turned out to be right. :lol:
  5. I thought when I read the heading of this thread that the L**ng T**t was going to get paid to appear as recompense for the speaking gig he had to miss
  6. The lying barsteward should be sent to jail for his corruption and lies, have all his assets siezed by the state and sent down to do his time in one of our wonderfully multiculturally enriched prisons!! Here he could debate and convince all of the dissaffected muslims that he was really a nice chap and had their best interests at heart! :policeflat:
  7. When I saw the headline I thought he was charging them for appearing.

    As for £250K ... are you kidding? Let him take his chances as we all have to.
  8. Not sure if this is the right forum - cannot find one on the Chilcot Enquiry.

    The first question I would ask Blair is whether he had the Cabinet's authority to send Pres Bush the early letter indicating we would support the US in invading Iraq or was he just in "Presidential" mode and not bothering to get it past the Cabinet let alone Parliament.

    When the discussions WERE held in Cabinet, did they all have full information so as to be in a proper position to make the decision. The resulting Cabinet minutes were presumable the authority to the CDS downwards to "get on with it". I wonder if the CDS asked for a certified copy of the Cabinet minute covering the decision to go to war for his private files!!
  9. Why are police operations worked out on cost these days? It's a fucking joke. It's not a business.
  10. Because someone has to pay for it.
  11. Someone has to pay for military operations too, but on the night before a battle, the OC is not sat there filling out a cost estimate.
  12. You're right but you can bet some snivelling serpent is.
  13. I am sure our OC was working out something in 2003, it may have been his expenses though
  14. What is the justification for this expenditure?

    I thought that the execrable Bliar is a private citizen now, following his turn at managing the destruction of this country.

    I am a private citizen but nobody pays £250,000 to protect me - why not?

    I could not help overhear a couple who were reading the '£250,000' headline on a news-stand at my station - he said 'Crikey' and she said: 'I'd pay £250,000 to have him wasted'. What a lovely, lovely lady. I fell in love instantly, but her husband was not supportive of me!
  15. I don't see the problem, for starters you know the cost isnt actually going to be £250,000. That figure is probably costing cops on overtime regardless of if they would be paid that amount, and the cost of equipping them, totally ignoring the fact they are already equipped.

    This sort of story come around almost every time someone makes a public appearance, would you moan about the costs of Prince Williams trip to Australia? Bet you that's cost a lot in security.

    Moans like this thread **** me off, I am all for a trip on the outrage bus but pick a decent reason people!