Iraq injections


I overheard a conversation yesterday, someone talking about how his dad had ' gone mental' after having those mysterious injections and had recieved 9 grand in compo. One does sometimes wonder who the MoDis playing for.
So his Dad got got paid by MOD for mental aberrations caused by whatever aspect of being deployed and this is cause to question the policies of MOD?



Dear Biscuits, and others. Why did a legal class action occur ? Why did it fade away ? ( From public view ). Before I go on, I am not a troll journalist and I do not expect direct answers, I'd just like people to think 'If I give my all to my country, why should I be shat upon and reciece dogfood in response' Be honest...what is H4H about ? Repaying good men for good service by charitable means because the government who put them in a ridiculous situation for their own selfish reasons won't pay for the trauma of the consequences whilst sitting by the pool somewhere nice discussing with their foriegn bosses where the next crisis zone for their benefit should be. I have been known to write long sentences when I am pissed and angry. Sorry chaps.
As I understand it:

Whilst pissed, you post anecdotal hearsay about a national conspiracy and get angry because no one takes you seriously?

Did I miss anything?

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